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September 15, 2020

Gifts of the Holy Spirit-Hebrews 2:4

I love the way GOD shows off through HIS children, GOD is GOD and HE refuses to leave HIS children looking stupid about our great salvation without the proof to back it up. I can vividly recall being mentored and taught by people who had such great faith in JESUS and how they could back up who GOD is by proof of signs and wonders. They were not exploiting the gifts of the Holy Spirit, they trusted in GOD to be who HE said that HE is and to do what HE said HE can and will do. For the first time in my young life I saw people being healed of incurable diseases, I saw a simple cold, dry up, I saw a man whose leg was visibly shorter than the other become extended, and I saw a man healed from AIDS back when we still saw that only homosexuals were the ones who contracted this deadly disease. This changed my entire faith life. My faith began to grow and stretch. And because I was being taught how to trust in JESUS through teachings that did not come off as condemning people or making it seem impossible to live as JESUS desires that we live in HIM unless we were of clergy status. I began to understand that GOD is no respecter [regard to the status of people] of a person. 

GOD is the Greatest witness that people will ever have. HE meets us with whatever we need. HE is not an impatient GOD and HE takes HIS times with us as we mature in HIM. We the children of the Most-High GOD had also become dedicated disciples through our Great Teacher, Demonstrator, and Savior. HE said that signs will follow those who believe [believe in HIM/JESUS]. We are to be diligent and share the Gospel of JESUS the CHRIST among family, friends, neighbors, and community. Be bold in the LORD GOD and trust JESUS completely because HE is working with us confirming the Word by signs and wonders/miracles.

The message of CHRIST JESUS is not about us/you, but it does concern us/you. Meaning, the message of JESUS has been and continues to be watered down so the anointing which should be in the message is now being removed. JESUS is authentic and the FATHER who confirmed JESUS through the power of the Holy Spirit did signs and miracles. If we will only tell people about who JESUS is and share our testimony of what JESUS has done in our own lives, we just may see the people we are speaking to change before our very eyes [cross over from darkness to light]. And when we see a need that someone has, our greatest source of provisions is CHRIST who will not have us looking ignorant about our faith in HIM. When we truly believe that GOD can do what we read and being taught in HIS Word and take that blind faith step to help others and see the manifestation, I promise you that you will want to have people see the signs and miracles of GOD. Warning: It is very easy to cross the line of GOD doing versus us doing and pride will expose itself without our even being aware. This will cause us to think more highly of ourselves than we should. And instead of being approachable, instead of moving out of compassion and love for people, it will be easy to believe that it is all about us. This is a very dangerous place to be. Do not allow the awe of people to turn us into believing that we are all that because we are not. We are only all that in the eyes of the FATHER and our total reliance in HIS SON, JESUS the CHRIST [the Anointed One and HIS Anointing].

In the Holy Spirit, there are various yet, distinctive gifts. These gifts are granted and given to believers only by the power of the Holy Spirit. The manifestation of these powerful gifts is not for a select few, but for anyone who is a devout believer by the enablement of the Holy Spirit for the common/ordinary good of mankind. It is common for me to know what is going on in the lives of others only when the Holy Spirit chooses to reveal something to me. When I have spoken to others about what I can see in their lives I am often called a prophet or asked if I am one. My answer is that I am not a prophet and I correct those that do call me a prophet by saying that I am not one. I have laid hands on the sick many times and they recovered, but I refuse to label myself or have anyone else to label me a faith healer. I am astutely aware that the Holy Spirit only uses me when He wants to use me for whatever reason. The only desire that I have regarded those powerful gifts is to be willing to be used and to obey what it is that I am to speak and or do. Believers, get this understanding, it is only by GOD’s grace that we are chosen for a task and we are chosen indiscriminately. Station of economic class, skin color, religious denomination, being male or female, poor or wealthy bears no factor on the FATHER using any of HIS kids to get a job done. We are servants of the Most-High GOD and we are to serve anyone who is in need. These gifts do not belong to us as property, we have them from CHRIST due to HIS proportion of abundance.

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