This is the month that most people begin to reflect on the things on which they have so much to be thankful for. And for me, I’m no different. This blog is about being pierced. Many people have gone and are going out to get pierced and none of them mean or will give anyone the satisfaction as the piercings that JESUS had to endure. JESUS was pierced with the following instruments.

  • A crown of thorns
  • Three nails
  • A spear

And this was on top of being lied on, spat on, beard pulled out, slapped, hair pulled, name called, kept up all night without sleep, punched, beaten with a whip made from leather with iron balls, teeth, and hooks. Then they made JESUS walk down around the town naked to carry HIS own cross. No other prisoner had to do this. HIS back was ripped open from the beatings, HIS head was hurting from the crown of thorns and bleeding. JESUS was exhausted, HE fell often and denied water or help along the way. And then finally close by JESUS was given help and HIS cross was carried along the rest of the way a short distance. Then JESUS laid down on the cross for me. The LAMB laid down on the altar for me.

A nail for each hand and a nail that was placed within the feet of JESUS. Thank YOU for the piercing.

JESUS, YOU were crucified just for me alone. Thank YOU, for the piercing.

Because of YOUR piercing, I now have YOUR Spirit of grace and supplication and I look on YOU who was once pierced for me. And I rejoice because I know that YOU did it all with me in YOUR eyes and heart.

Thank YOU for being pierced.

Psalms 22:16; Mt. 27:35; Zechariah 12:10


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