For us to entertain the notion of the presence of someone or something being where one or it is, we must first be where one or it is. Do you agree?

If we are told by someone that life will be shown to us, does that mean that we would have to follow a directional path in our GPS to be in the presence of the presenter?

If we were told that we could obtain joy now that we have arrived at our destination, would we believe that we are at the correct location?

Then we are told that we could have pleasures forever, what would we begin to think?

Most people take it for nonsense, what I just shared with you are actually what we have when we place ourselves in the continual presence of our FATHER through CHRIST JESUS. In HIM we have.

  • Life
  • Joy
  • Pleasures

But most of us will not experience these because we don’t take the time to be in HIS presence. The FATHER is everywhere, HE is Omnipresent so if we are rushing to get ready for work or school in the morning, take the time to chill out with HIM in the car or public transportation. When I was employed my favorite place was the shower and my car. We have to want to spend time with HIM just like we want to spend time with other people or things. Think about the deposit HE is giving to us and the deposit we are getting from mere mortals and things. HIS is eternal and the other stuff not so much.

Psalms 16:11



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