Imagine starting your day as you normally do and you receive an urgent and legal notice informing you that your entire world as you knew it was about to change. Let’s exercise our imaginations for a moment, you get a phone call, or a certified letter in the mail requesting that you keep an appointment with an attorney to discuss some very important news. You either go to the attorney’s office or meet the attorney somewhere public and you are told that you are a part of a priestly kingdom, in fact, it’s an entire nation. And you’re being a part of this kingdom and nation is forever. Would you believe the news? Sad to say, so many of us who are born again CHRISTians do not believe this news about ourselves because we either do not know this or as I wrote don’t believe the information given to us.

But JESUS built HIS temple, JESUS bears HIS glory, JESUS sits on HIS throne, JESUS is the Priest on HIS throne and not just Priest but a High Priest forever after the order of  Melchizedek who was King and High Priest.

As High Priest, JESUS showed mercy to the people they were not accustomed to that from of compassion from the legalistic high priest. Those high priests just kept making up laws or pushing the people further down under the letter of the written laws. Funny how these same law writers never obeyed any of the Mosaic laws themselves unless it benefited them nor did they obey the laws that they came up with.

JESUS our great High Priest showed us HIS faithfulness, grace, love, mercy, and forgiveness. JESUS was pointing us towards the kingdom towards the nation to which we truly belong. To be the priest that we were created to be. This is one of the important reason we must continually remind ourselves who we are by confessing in our own hearing who we are in CHRIST JESUS, who JESUS CHRIST is to us and what we have in HIM. Between, depending on how much secular radio, and television we listen to and our daily conversations of home life, school, and work and let us not forget if we take public transportation because we all know what those conversations are like. It will cause the conversation of the mind to not be very favorable and we will never win a negative thought with a thought, we must win a negative thought with our positive verbal words. Especially the Word of GOD.

Now if JESUS did not make HIMself High Priest but the FATHER did, likewise we did not make ourselves priest either. But because JESUS is our great High Priest forever, we are priests forever and we are citizens of the kingdom forever and we are royalty forever.

Do you recall JESUS being called the cornerstone? JESUS is the principle foundation and we are HIS living stones, we are being built on HIM. Each soul that receives HIM as their savior becomes a stone, a living stone built onto the foundation to build the house. And not only that but as a holy priesthood, we get to offer up as a sweet smelling aroma the sacrifice of praise which is acceptable through JESUS CHRIST. You see, you can’t even get a praise through without going through JESUS first. We must remember, we did not choose JESUS, we were chosen by the FATHER, to become through HIS beloved SON, a chosen generation of HIS royal priesthood, a holy nation of people, we are HIS very own special brand of people. Whew, I kinda felt my chest puff out there. We are the only ones who can shout the praises of being brought out of the despair of darkness and brought into the marvelous light of CHRIST JESUS. You know, when we watch television shows and people are about to expire and they say walk into the light, this light that they are trying to convey is JESUS but they just don’t understand. If you die an earthly death without believing and receiving JESUS as your personal gift of salvation. You are condemned and you will spend eternity in utter darkness, in hell and destruction and the lake of fire. So there is no light for you to walk into. But if you have believed and received the gift of salvation from JESUS you are already walking in the light.

So to remind ourselves, in CHRIST JESUS we are a priesthood, a royal nation, and a kingdom to our FATHER the Most High GOD. We are priests of our GOD and CHRIST JESUS.

Exodus 19:6; Ps. 110:4; Zechariah 6:13; Hebrews 2:17, 4:14-15, 5:5-6, 10, 7:24; 1 Peter 2:5, 9; Revelation 1:6, 20:6


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