2 Corinthians 5-18 Be Reconciled-beige


To call back into union and friendship the affections which have been alienated; to restore to friendship or favor after estrangement.

According to the above definition, JESUS fulfilled this task between us and the FATHER. Glory to GOD in the highest! We are no longer or we need no longer be separated from the FATHER any longer because of the death, burial, and most amazing resurrection of CHRIST JESUS.

Just what made us so distant from the FATHER? Sin, not so much the action because sin causes us all to be sinners. But the sin of not believing in the beloved SON and because we don’t believe, we don’t receive HIS gift of salvation and deliverance. This is why we can only get to the FATHER through JESUS the beloved SON because HE alone is the only way, HE is the only truth and HE is the only light to the FATHER. It’s through JESUS precious blood which is sinless that will wash each and every one of us completely clean of the sin which flows in our own blood. Most of us are always calling for peace in our lives and no matter where we go, who we alleviate from our lives or what we do, we still can’t get that peace that we crave. The peace we make for ourselves is temporary and based on our own efforts. But the peace that JESUS provides us with is everlasting and regardless of the trouble we face in this world, our peace remain constant. Some of us who are CHRISTians want to hold onto the Ten Commandments not realizing that everything that the commandments teach us to do is all self-effort and no one can keep them based on our own self-effort and power. And not only that but to try and to keep the Ten Commandments we must also keep all the other commandments and laws provided to us and none of us have ever at any  time kept a one. Why? Because we don’t know them, there are far too many and because we must be perfect in order to accomplish and keep them all. We could not even keep the ten, so what makes us believe that we could keep over six hundred and thirteen? In JESUS our savior and deliverer who put to death in HIS own flesh the hate and opposition we have towards the FATHER. We may not think or some of us may think it unthinkable to say that we hated GOD but we did when we denied JESUS. JESUS reconciled [all] things to HIMself . It’s because of HIS sinless blood that we may obtain the peace that we all yearn for. It is HIS sinless blood that makes us blameless for our wickedness through the works in which we did out of ignorance. It’s because of HIS sinless blood that we are no longer a reproach because HE died for us individually, yes, make this personal, it’s through HIS flesh that was whipped until HIS bones shown taking on aches, disease, and sickness upon HIS own body.  We must believe that JESUS is whom HE said HE is or we will believe that HE is the world’s greatest liar of all time. Besides, though the blood, the cross, and the death are important. There is nothing that JESUS did for us that outweighs HIS resurrection. When we acknowledge what JESUS did for us and who JESUS is and who we are in JESUS we have no justifiable reason not to remain grounded in the faith.

So because we are reconciled we are saved through the grace of JESUS. We are engrafted into HIS life.

The law shows how we are lawbreakers and that we are sinners, the law magnifies this for us. Also, when we are introduced to JESUS we see just how sinful we are without HIM and by faith in JESUS we become friends of GOD. Sin is not measured by what we think, what we say or what we do. Sin is measured solely on our disbelief and or rejection of JESUS CHRIST. This is how we miss GOD’s glory and without faith in JESUS we are not justified or redeemed through HIS free grace towards us. It’s just totally impossible to obtain freedom without JESUS. GOD the FATHER is the One who through the blood of JESUS made it possible for us to no longer be an offense but to become favorable in HIS sight. Just as when the Israelites placed the blood on the door post and above the door and the death angel passed by because he saw the blood. So it is for us, we have been saved from death because the FATHER looks at us and see’s the blood of HIS precious SON, CHRIST JESUS. Now to those who no longer disbelieve and have received the free gift of salvation from JESUS who is the Justifier and is Righteous. We are now justified and righteous to GOD through JESUS.  

Father’s and mother’s can you imagine loving your child or children so very much, you know that they are the apple of your eye, you know that they are your breath and heartbeat. Would you be willing to sacrifice your child or children for yourself or another? No, you can’t and if you have any humanity about you, you won’t. But GOD the FATHER sacrificed HIS SON for us and JESUS went willingly to the cross because HE knew with assurance the outcome. JESUS knew that this is what HE would have to do when Lucifer was an archangel residing in heaven. After all, it was JESUS who created every single angel. So because the FATHER gave us HIS very best why do we believe by our thoughts and conversation that the FATHER through JESUS would not continue to freely give us all things? It just does not make sense!

JESUS went through all that HE went through because of our offenses. When we go through our tough times remind yourself about the tough times JESUS went through for us, they don’t compare. Besides JESUS went through the tough times alone so we don’t have to face our tough times alone. And when JESUS arose from the grave, HE arose as our Justifier so that we can be justified and when we believe that we are justified through HIM then all we need do is just be.

Are you reconciled to the FATHER? Great, then you know the importance of being reconciled and you will go out to be a reconciliation towards other. In other words, we will share our testimony with others and it will be by the blood of JESUS that others will come.

Oh, bless the name of JESUS that HE got up! Had JESUS remained dead in HIS grave like so many other so-called saviors we would be without hope. Our faith would be futile and made no different from others. And just like those who follow themselves or the humanity of others, they are still in their sins. And waking up in hell is much too late to change your mind.

Ephesians 2:13-16; Colossians 1:19-23; Romans 5:10, 3:21-26, 8:25, 32, 4:25; 2 Corinthians 5:18; 1 Corinthians 15:17


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