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October 30, 2020

Wisdom the Hearts Meditation – Psalms 49:3

Are we aware that the heart meditates? Do we know what meditation is? Meditation is those thoughts that we keep close giving serious contemplation. We all meditate but we all do not meditate on what is always right. Wrong meditation is anxiety, fear, stress, and worry. It is very simple to know what is within our hearts by hearing the thoughts that we have in our minds.

What is it that consumes your thoughts? Are they good because they are GOD’s Word, are they the promises that we have been given by HIM, are they reminders to be as JESUS was when HE walked among HIS creation on the earth and sinned not? Any bad thoughts against another person? Or, are they thoughts of evil, wickedness, harm, slander, fear, worry, stress, and anxiety?

None of us need to attend a seminar on how to meditate through eastern or western religion. Most often these types of seminars invite demonic activity unawarely into our lives. We also do not need to read up on meditation from authors who are supposed to be bona fide in their study and experience. 

All we need do is listen the what is traveling around in our thoughts. Our hearts and mind are one. 

Read the following references that I am sharing with you. Ps. 19:14, 51:10; Rom. 12:2; Eph. 4:23

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