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August 13, 2020

The Holy Spirit sends and fills-Acts 13:4, 52


After we have been separated and called, we will be sent to wherever the Spirit of the Living GOD desires that we are to be. And though we have been sent out by the Holy Spirit, we will experience some adversaries along the way. But let this not deter you. You have been equipped for the task, follow the Holy Spirit, listen to what He instructs you to do, and with holy boldness, execute. See and hear evil and continue to speak boldly in the name of JESUS; no devil will want to hang around those who are filled with the anointing of GOD. 

Share the testimony of what GOD has done and what GOD is doing. Build up hope/faith in the people, be honest with people, and let them know that though they will trip and fall as a babe does when trying to walk, do not grow discouraged. Admit to the FATHER what you did without being guilty or ashamed, you have already been forgiven of past, present, and future sins. Knowing this, you will be developing into a person after the heart of GOD as King David was.  

Perfection lives within us through CHRIST JESUS, but, there are times when our flesh will get the better of us. Look at it this way once we realize what we have done, such as picking up the remote control trying to answer it because we thought that it was the telephone. We do not beat ourselves up, do we? No, what we do is chuckle and speak out to ourselves, saying, look at what I did or what am I doing, it is all about our acknowledging where we are as God asked Adam where he was. It was not that GOD did not know where Adam was; it was that GOD wanted Adam to acknowledge where he wandered off.

Tell people who JESUS is, share with them about the significance of HIS dying in our place on that cross. Tell them about HIS burial and resurrection. Tell them about how HE ascended into heaven to sit on HIS throne on the right side of the FATHER.

Regardless of the conflicts that we will experience, know that we will experience far greater the blessings in GODs’ grace. This is what the disputes are, those who find themselves unworthy to receive the Truth/the Good News of CHRIST JESUS/the Gospel of CHRIST JESUS will undoubtedly envy us, and in their envy, they will contradict and speak against what we are speaking. But we are to continue sharing what we have in the boldness of the Holy Ghost. Do not speak from an attitude of anger or irritability because when we do this, the devil will have won. Be bold in the Holy Ghost and witness how those who desire to come to know JESUS will glorify the Word of the LORD.

You, my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS, should be and must be baptized in the Holy Spirit so that you will be filled with joy. Having exceedingly joy and gladness because we have a great reward awaiting us in heaven. Do you know what this great reward is? No need to guess, I will tell you. Our great reward is that we will see JESUS, our heart will rejoice when our eyes finally will get to see HIM. For this, no one can take away our joy.

Be filled with the Holy Spirit, my dear love ones. Begin to speak out in other/foreign languages that you have not been educated in. In the beginning, it may sound like babblings, but even our babies make sounds of babblings when they are exercising their faith to speak. Eventually, the more we talk in our heavenly language the, more we will reverse that confusion of foreign languages brought about from GOD because of the wickedness in the heart of humankind at the Tower of Babel, Gen. 11:1-9.

Our being filled with the Holy Spirit will cause us to become bold in Him. We will not only speak the message of GOD, but we will live HIS message. The spirit of fear will be replaced with the Spirit of boldness/confidence/and courage.

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