Reign-Hebrews 7:2-6

The LORD GOD desires us to reign in every area of our lives; nothing missing, nothing lost. So let me speak about a subject that in most cases is very touchy with believers and non-believers. Tithes aka as the first fruits; it is common knowledge that Cain and Abel were born before Moses and the law was given to Moses. However, Tithes were give centuries before Moses was born or given the law. After all, the LORD GOD accepted one brother’s first fruit over the other and the act of the first murder was done. And what about Abraham who also was born before Moses; he gave a tenth of all he had to Melchizedek. Abraham had nothing that commanded him to give; this was an act of reverence; gratitude and the victory he had with GOD and the subject to the priest of GOD. Melchizedek was not in need of this offering; he had great wealth. However, Abraham understood this revelation that it was not considered robbery to give and out of his appreciation he gave. Abraham is the patriarch of patriarchs; he is the patriarch of not only the entire Jewish nation but of every nation because in every nation there are believers of CHRIST JESUS. Abraham is considered a friend of GOD’s and an heir of the world. His wealth did not hold him captive; out of his faith; reverence and appreciation for the LORD GOD he gave willingly ten percent of all that he had. It was not missed because Abraham was wealthy; the fact is that the LORD GOD multiplied his wealth over and over again. But as I wrote before he volunteered to give; he was not commanded to give. This was his way of showing his appreciation. Do you want to reign? Be free from your money; be free from your time; be free to willingly give away what you have. If you choose to pay your tithes; stop being concerned with what is being done with the money. You give by faith; after all you are showing the LORD GOD that you appreciate the fact that you can give. You are thankful that you are employed or you are receiving a check from the government due to welfare or disability. After all without money you could not have a home to call your own where you call the shots. Stop allowing selfishness to reign and begin to reign in every area of your life.

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