Reign-Psalms 47:7-9

Hahaha; I love it! No matter what man has to say or what man will do. The LORD GOD reigns on all the earth. Do hear what I say or better can you read! This is worth repeating; the LORD GOD reigns on all the earth. It’s time that the body of CHIRST becomes more JESUS conscience and less sin conscience. Sin has been on this planet since Adam sold mankind down the river by willingly disobeying what GOD instructed him to do. That’s nothing new; now everyone is tripping on what the President of the United States has said regarding same sex marriage. I admire President Barack Obama that will not cease; however, many began to look to our President for answers as if he is our rock when in essence he is a well educated; well liked man that GOD used to make another historical moment in time by becoming our very first President who is not Caucasian. Our President is not my rock; that title belongs to my Savior CHRIST JESUS. HE is the one I look to for answers; HE is the one that helps my heart to be prepared for topics that I will hear because they are all written out in HIS Word. This helps me not to become surprised by what mankind will do and say. My Majesty the KING of Kings and the KING of this earth keeps me centered in HIM. HIS praises remain on my lips; I understand who HE is; what HE will do and what HE can do. I understand that HE is bigger than anything mankind will think; say and do. I understand that HE is bigger than sin. That’s my KING! The United States of America is only one of many nations; glory to GOD and HE reigns over all the nations of this great planet. So stop tripping with what mankind is saying and doing and gather yourself to your KING. My GOD is sitting high on HIS throne; my GOD is Holy; HE is my GOD; my KING. Can you imagine that the earth is HIS shield? When was the last time you held a shield in your hand? Glory; earth is HIS shield; no matter what the enemy does its temporary and can be short lived if GOD’s people would be about their business and not focus on the sins of mankind but focus on the GOD who is KING of the earth. HE is greatly exalted; but the body of CHRIST is exalting sin with much talk of sin; the sins of mankind; sickness; disease; being low on money and so much more. We are to exalt our GOD who is KING. How do you know who you recognize who or what is reigning in your life? By understanding what you are thinking about and what you are speaking on.  

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