Day by day or every day we must give ourselves over to either hearing, listening or reading the scriptures and spending time with our FATHER. We can find time to do all things that we desire to do such as bath, attend school, go to work, and participate in fun and relaxing activities. If we have a family we blame the fact that our families have so many activities that we as good parents or family members support that it is impossible to find the time for anything else. We believe the lie that we don’t have the time to schedule GOD into our daily activity. We believe that attending worship service once a week and maybe Bible study is sufficient. Well, it’s not we know how to live and think according to this world but we don’t know how to live and think according to our real home which heaven is. Take a moment out of our daily lives and enrich the life we live by devoting time to our FATHER. We can do this anywhere. While bathing we can listen to the Word of GOD and also while we are getting dressed. We can also do this while driving or riding public transportation. We will find that listening to GOD’s Word on our podcast, or car radio will keep up stress-free and from road rage. If it is allowed to have a radio at our work-stations or permitted to have a listening device in our ear then we are able to get GOD’s Word at work another place to remain stress free. While at school if possible while taking a break listen to the Word of GOD on your podcast. As a family why not play biblical games this will be a test of how much we know about GOD’s Word and a lot of fun as well. Also, as a family each member of the family should take turns reading at least one chapter or a verse and discuss about what was read and how we must apply that to our lives.

Many people that read Matt. 6:11 believe that it’s speaking about natural food when in reality that scripture is speaking about spiritual food. We need to be in constant communication and develop our relationship with the FATHER as well as rely on the Holy Spirit for power to live in the manner which CHRIST JESUS has ordained and prepared for us to live. Most of us are on a spiritual diet we are lean and weak because we either attend weekly Bible study or worship service and believe that this is enough. Well, believing in this why not eat our natural food in the same manner. Eat once a week but whatever is eaten make sure that it’s extremely nutritional because eating in this manner we don’t have time to eat and drink junk. Also, the majority of us will lose all those pounds that everyone can see from the outside. Hopefully, if we eat our natural food in the same manner that we eat our spiritual food we will not grow weak in our flesh as we are in our spirit. It shows how weak we are in our spirit outwardly by our conduct and daily thinking.

To be a true CHRISTian a devout follower of CHRIST JESUS we must decide daily that we are going to deny those things that we want to do that brings us no profit. And pick up that cross that belongs to us and keep following CHRIST JESUS to those places HE desires for us to be. CHRIST JESUS will never force us to do anything with HIM that we do not have a desire and will to do. HE did not force us to believe in HIM and HE will not force us to cease doing what it is we have a will to do. This is why all born again CHRISTians need to have the Holy Spirit living within us and not merely on us. We need His power from within to disown ourselves, to forget and lose sight of our own self-interest and give up by rescheduling or giving up altogether those things we enjoy doing. Some marriages end in divorce because the couple does not understand what it is to cleave to one another especially the husband since it is written to him. That he must leave his father and mother to cleave to his wife. Some women will marry a momma’s boy believing that she can change him. Know and understand none of us can change anyone, work on yourself through CHRIST JESUS because HE is the only One that is able to change us and change us for HIS glory. We are to cleave to CHRIST JESUS stick to HIM like stripes on a zebra. Better yet like pepper and salt do when they are mixed together, has anyone ever tried removing each pepper granule from those salt granules or vice versa? CHRIST has left us HIS example of how we are to live, speak and think it’s not impossible. And no we should not take on many life-changing characteristics all in one day. Learn how to be as HE desires us to be one characteristic at a time. Doing this daily in HIM is a life-long adventure. In this, we daily choose to be united closely in affection and interest having a strong attachment to the desires of our FATHER just as JESUS had when HE was on earth.

In America, we have among us two sets of people, those who profess themselves Christians yet the evidence of this eludes their life. And those who profess themselves CHRISTians and the evidence of this is true because we witness the possession of CHRIST JESUS in their lives. Those who possess CHRIST JESUS are ever ready to accept by faith the Word of GOD into their hearts and character daily. They look forward to chatting about the goodness of CHRIST, hearing, listening or reading the Word of GOD. They know that by doing this they are enriching their faith in the containment of being in CHRIST who has given to us eternal salvation. It is also understood that the answers to all of life’s questions are found in the Bible so that we can steer clear of making mistakes that will cause us grief. We must pore ourselves into studying the scriptures because we trust in the scriptures which testify about CHRIST JESUS.

Making the choice daily to be as CHRIST desires us to be we are making the choice to die to ourselves daily. When we unashamedly share our testimony or speak about CHRIST we are preparing our heads for a crown. I’m writing to you to let you know that dying daily to CHRIST JESUS can hurt but unless we live in a country where CHRISTians are persecuted we will not die in our flesh because of our choice.

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