There are three types of blindness that we are not aware of.

  • The first is spiritual blindness; everyone experiences this type of blindness because before we come to the Savior CHRIST JESUS we all are incapable of discernment and our morals are depraved. Because of this type of blindness, we may see naturally but we are still living our lives in total darkness because our true eyes are blind.
  • The second type of blindness is what we all experience as well and this is being blind to intellect, unable to understand, judge, and ignorant to someone or something.
  • The third is natural blindness; this is when a person is either born blind or they lost their sight for various reasons. These type of people are destitute and deprived of the sense of seeing.

In the second type of blindness, we are this way because from our early childhood we all are bribed to do something for something. For me it was from my dad; he would tell me that if I brought home a good report card and advance to the next grade that he will give me something or give me whatever I asked for. We both kept to our agreement until I completed the twelfth grade. The thing is we all participate in bribery of some form to get what we want. We don’t realize that when accepting bribes we actually are blinding ourselves from the ability to separate by our eyes or understanding. We dull the ability to distinguish the difference between right or wrong with the use of our intellect. The taking of bribes also causes us to pervert the words of those who are righteous. It’s done through the perversion of justice and the showing of partiality/prejudice. Bribes are designed to blind the eyes of the wise as well as the foolish and bribes will always twist the words of truth. HALLELUJAH to the LORD GOD through CHRIST JESUS who opens the eyes of those who are blind.

The day that we allow CHRIST JESUS to remove the scales from our eyes we will cease living in total darkness and our eyes will be open so that we will be able to see clearly. CHRIST JESUS is the only One who is capable of setting us free from sitting in darkness which is our prison cell. CHRIST JESUS will lead us on paths and roads which we have never set foot on before. CHRIST JESUS will turn our darkness into HIS marvelous light. No longer will we need to sing “I’m coming up on the rough side of the mountain” because HE is making our rough country smooth. What we need do is believe in HIS promises to us because HE keeps them without fail. Don’t be like the Israelites and fail to learn, when we are blind look closely. You know how we do it when we either need glasses or are not wearing our glasses we either bring what we need to see closer or further away until what we need to see comes into focus. It’s temporary, but regardless we are able to make out what it is that we are trying to see. Do this with JESUS, and then believe and allow HIM to cause the blindness to forever go away so that we are able to see clearly.

In the third type of blindness which is natural when JESUS walked HIS earth, HE asked the blind if they believed that HE was able to be merciful to them. Because they believed that HE is able to be merciful, HE touched their eyes and said to them that it was according to their faith, without doubt, it had to happen according to what they believed. What JESUS want to know from us is “What is it that we want HIM to do”? We should want our eyes to be opened by HIM; we should want to experience HIS mercy. When we inform JESUS of our desire HE then we will see HIS compassion for us and HE will touch the eyes of the blind. We all need to experience HIS healing power for us. Now, beware of those who possess the spirit of the hypocrite they are alive and well today and they are the Pharisees, and writers of self-help books of today. Many of us have purchased self-help books and we did not experience any help at all. However, the help we provided to those authors were helped financially in the increase in their bank accounts. Every type of help that we are in need of can be found in the Bible. Pharisees and self-help authors encourage us to work towards doing something, in other words, we are to work towards the appearance of being one way when in actuality inwardly we are still a total wreck. Inwardly they still hate, extort, pervert, self-indulge, prideful and anything else which is not a reflection of CHRIST JESUS. We are not righteous because of how we present ourselves outwardly we are righteous because we have allowed CHRIST JESUS into our hearts and we obey HIS commandment. We rest in HIM and not in our self-efforts. When we rely on our self-effort instead of resting in CHRIST JESUS we can pretend and look beautiful outwardly but inwardly we are still dead and are cemeteries for everything dead. Come to the understanding that CHRIST JESUS is our complete deliverer and healer, nothing is too difficult for CHRIST JESUS. I have a question, why do we keep referring to Bartimaeus as blind Bartimaeus? I read that JESUS CHRIST had mercy on him and that HE gave him his sight because when JESUS asked him what it is that he wanted HIM to do for him, he said that he wanted to receive his sight. JESUS CHRIST did not deny him of his request he simply said to him that his faith had made him well. It was his faith in JESUS that made him see. What do you want CHRIST JESUS to do for you? Tell HIM then believe and receive from HIM. And never again allow anyone to refer to you by what you once lacked. Just as JESUS proclaimed we must as well if we are blood washed in HIM that HIS Holy Spirit is in us and that we have been anointed to preach to the poor in spirit; heal those who are broken-hearted; proclaim liberty/freedom to those who are being held captive in the prisons of darkness; recover those who are blind and to set at liberty those who are weighed down by burdens, experiencing rigorous hardships, who are being overpowered with anxiety and worry and everything else that is keeping us pressed/bowed down. Don’t allow the enemy to continually trick us by reminding us that we have been a certain way for a very long time such as over a decade or more and that we can’t change. It’s true that we can’t change ourselves but CHRIST JESUS can change us for HIS glory. HE has always asked and HE continues to ask us this question; “Do we want to be made well”? Don’t offer HIM excuses as to why something cannot be done. Even though we don’t have the faith to believe that HE is able to do what we need to have done in our lives CHRIST JESUS has the faith to make it happen. There are times in our lives when we are found in a condition that no matter how much help we receive from experience professional providers we are still in the same state without change. When this occurs we need to place our faith in the fact that the works of GOD need to be revealed in us. CHRIST JESUS is the light and we must see in the light that HE provides that nothing is too complicated for HIM to solve. JESUS CHRIST came into the world to judge it, to blind the eyes of HIS beloved Jewish nation to the point of jealousy because HE has given to those without Jewish blood the right to see. No one is without sin and in sin, we start off in life blind. But we can choose to remain blind or gain sight. Those who believe that they are not sinners, yet, have not been cleansed in the blood of JESUS are self-righteous and remain in their sin and blinded to the truth. Those who confessed that they are sinners and got washed in the blood of JESUS are righteous in GOD through CHRIST JESUS and no longer remain in sin and now have clarity of sight. Our minds are closed and the veil of separation is present because we know the Law of Moses but we don’t know the grace of CHRIST JESUS. The veil can only be removed when we join ourselves to CHRIST JESUS. Continuing to live by the Law of Moses will keep the veil on our hearts and mind or trying to mix the Law with Grace is like mixing oil and water, they will never gel together. Again, the veil is removed when we turn to the LORD JESUS. Those who refuse to believe in CHRIST JESUS do so because they are being kept in the dark by the god they serve satan, who is the god of this world. It is his mission to keep us from being able to see the light which is shining towards us. That light is the Good News about the glory of CHRIST JESUS who is the exact image of GOD the FATHER. The devil does not want us to see CHRIST JESUS nor hear HIS Word even though we may faithfully attend church service it is possible to be dull in hearing. CHRIST JESUS is the LORD. GOD said that out of darkness the light will shine, HE is the very same GOD who causes the light to shine within our hearts, bringing us to HIS knowledge and glory which shines in the face of CHRIST JESUS. Those whose minds remain dark will have no part in the life that GOD provides to HIS children because they remain ignorant/intellectually challenged and stubborn. The true children of the Living GOD do not hate people especially their spiritual siblings. If we are not capable of loving our own than we remain in darkness and are still blind. Lastly, do not envy anyone who is capable of getting all they desire because they are financially wealthy but spiritually poor. They are blind, miserable, naked, poor, and wretched. We can see, joyful, clothed, rich and blessed/highly favored.

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