You know it is often said that we had nothing to do with nor did we ask to be born with sin in us. And to a point, that statement is correct. Anyone born from Adam did not ask for this sinful nature, however, because Adam chose to disobey what our Holy and Sinless GOD taught him. This is the curse we bare. True, it was Eve who was tempted and ate first, but notice that sin did not come through the woman but the man who was to be in the position of protector, speaker, and in-charge. Adam stood right there and listened to his wife speak to the serpent/satan and watched as she ate the forbidden fruit. What form was the fruit, no one knows because it’s not told to us and because it was not given to us to know we need to discontinue saying that Eve ate and gave to her husband a bite of an apple. What, is told to us, however, is that they ate from the tree of Knowledge of good and evil and because of Adam eating the seed barer and blood provider from his first born down to every single baby that has been and will be born. We carry that sin within our own blood. The woman does not provide her unborn child with any blood at all, all the blood that courses through our veins came from our father. So sin reigns supreme in our mortal bodies from conception until we choose to come to JESUS.

Once we come to JESUS our blood and spirit is washed clean from all sin but unfortunately the desire to sin is still there because though our spirit has been saved our soul and flesh were not. So, what has to be done is that we must develop a transformed mind which lines up with JESUS and we do this by reading, studying and applying the Word of GOD to our lives. Before coming to JESUS we just did what we wanted to do without thought as to how our actions affect us and others. Now that we have come to JESUS the battle between our spirit who wants to please JESUS and our flesh who wants to please self is on. What we need to know and live out through faith in JESUS is that through faith we have been given grace and much more grace. We have been given a gift from JESUS and that gift is our righteousness through HIM. So, just as sin reigned supreme in our lives, now through faith our righteousness reign supreme in JESUS who lives within us.

Now that we know that we are righteous in CHRIST JESUS and that we no longer have a need to sin, we no longer have to feed our impulses in the flesh. Just ignore what the flesh is hungering for, don’t allow sin to cause you to become guilty again. And it will because our desire is to please the FATHER and when we continue to think, say and do what we know is displeasing to the FATHER, satan will come and infiltrate our minds with accusations about what we are thinking, saying and doing. This is what he does to those that he knows belong to CHRIST JESUS. Is it easy on us to just deny our flesh? Nope. We are not accustomed to not giving into our desires but through faith, as we continue to gain strength from JESUS those desires will become a thing of the past to the point that they will no long bother us.

But beware of becoming presumptuous. Meaning at the moment that we think that there is no way possible for us to return back to or do something that we may have never done before. That’s the time when satan begins to plot and carry out his trap for us. At no time are we to become bold and confident in our ability to withhold or withstand from doing wrong. This is not a reasonable ability for success. When we believe that we can because of our own efforts, we throw to the winds our trust in JESUS and the hazards of safety is removed. We have applied arrogance and pride to our own self- effort. In overbearing and domineering self- effort power we exercise our willfulness to be rash in our self- confidence and will violate our known duty to JESUS. All of our self- effort brings us back to transgressing against JESUS. This is what the Israelites did and this is why the Ten Commandants were given, to prove to us that it is impossible to keep all ten without the grace of righteousness which is only given to us through CHRIST JESUS. I see lawbreakers each and every day when I’m driving so if we can’t keep our natural laws why do we believe that we can keep our spiritual laws? Laws are not for the righteous but for the unrighteous the unlawful due to rebellion and sin. Our trust in our gift of righteousness which will cause us to obey each and every commandment which is all tied up in one commandment. Love.


Romans 5:17, 6:12; Psalms 19:13reignlogo4

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