Forgiveness is Not Conditional

Forgiveness is Not Conditional


Matthew 6:14

Information: JESUS was born and lived in HIS humanity under the law. The crucifixion [death] of JESUS set us [believers in CHRIST JESUS] free from the law.

So, what does this mean for us? There are some things that JESUS spoke that were legalistic but are no longer a requirement for those of us who have been redeemed from the curse of the law.

Please do not leave yet, continue to read I promise that if you have eyes to see, you will see what I would like to share with you.

In our topic scripture, JESUS said “If we forgive people of their trespasses [reckless and willful sins, offenses, failures, faults, wrong] your heavenly FATHER will forgive you. But if you do not forgive people of their trespasses, neither will your FATHER forgive you of your trespasses”. Okay, now let us begin to dissect this verse and set some of you free.

  • If = condition/conditional

Placing conditions and being conditional means that we are expecting something for what we are willing to give, it is also an act of judgment toward others and we are not aware that we too will be judged by the same measure. This is condemnation and condemnations often are accompanied by criticism.

  • Your heavenly FATHER will forgive you.
  • Forgiveness from our heavenly FATHER is not based on our forgiving anyone at all but is based on the death of JESUS. JESUS asked the FATHER to forgive us because we do not know what we are doing. That was not just for those that beat, lied, spat on, and nailed JESUS to the cross. It is for you too.

We no longer live in the commandments of Mosaic Law, but we live in the Grace Dispensation of CHRIST JESUS which means that for believers in CHRIST JESUS. We are to be.

  • Useful, helpful, kind, compassionate, understanding, tender in heart, loving in heart, and forgiving of heart just as CHRIST JESUS has forgiven and does forgive you. This is a daily, not a sometimes or when we feel like it or based on our liking or disliking someone. If we were to be completely honest with ourselves, we do and speak as well as think in a manner that does not line up with the Word of GOD.
  • Gentle, making allowances, being patient, pardoning, and forgiving just as CHRIST JESUS forgives us daily. Again, think about what you think about, what you do, and how you speak or may speak when pushed too far.

So now, here is an example of how someone may place a condition because they are unaware that they are conditional.

  • If you will let me go with you to the park, I will wash the dishes for you for a week.
  • GOD if YOU heal my child, I will go to church every Sunday or whenever the doors are opened.

Do those examples come across with some truth to them, or do you get the understanding?

If the FATHER waited on us to forgive anyone, no one would be forgiven and the death of JESUS on the cross would have been pointless. Because we are not willing to quickly forgive, we hold grudges, we are self-righteous, we are void of grace and mercy. But, praise GOD, the FATHER did not wait for our effort to forgive anyone, HE stepped in and forgave through the ultimate and perfect sacrifice that came with our Atonement.

Remember to have a forgiving heart towards all people but especially our siblings in CHRIST JESUS.  None of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS should exercise a lifestyle of being conditional and unforgiving. We are to have a lifestyle of mercy from our hearts, we have already escaped the judgment of the FATHER. The mercy that we are experiencing from the will of the FATHER is the fact that we triumphed over unmerciful judgment. Thank you JESUS! We have nothing to fear from the FATHER. Praise GOD!! The judgment is reserved for the non-believers, again it is unforgiving and merciless. And when the FATHER judges them HE will do so without mercy because they had their opportunity to experience the mercy and forgiveness that HE offers.

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