Faith Series XVII-Righteousness of GOD from Faith to Faith



June 25, 2020

The Righteousness of GOD Faith to Faith

Romans 1:17, 3:22, 25-26

The life of the believers is so exciting. The more we communicate with GOD through CHRIST JESUS, study HIS Word, and apply HIS Word to our life through faith which is really relying on and trusting in JESUS to do exactly what HIS Word informs us will happen. We will begin to take notice of how our faith grows in HIM. Each of us comes with our own personality and each of us learns differently from another. Some of us easily learn just by given verbal instructions, others learn by studying, and others learn visually the hands-on experience.  The later is who I am, show me something once and I have it for a lifetime.

GOD has HIS own unique way of teaching HIS children how to live righteously through HIM and it has nothing to do with the will of mankind. What worked for one may not work for another. Unfortunately, many Christians still try to live by the law through performance but this is not what GOD desires for the believers, history has revealed to us that working for righteousness is difficult. No person can keep the law and the only recorded person who never broke one law yet fulfilled the law is JESUS. A new and better way has been given and shown to us and is approved by the law and the prophets. What is it that you believe that I am trying to share with you? Do you think that I am sharing a way that is not approved by GOD in CHRIST JESUS? Well, in all honesty, I would never knowingly point anyone away from CHRIST. This is what I need you to understand anyone and everyone who desires to get into heaven and to see the FATHER must come through CHRIST JESUS because HE is the only access door to the FATHER. CHRIST JESUS is the Way, the Truth and the Light, and no one, and I do mean no one will get into heaven if they do not answer JESUS when HE calls out for you. When we all come to CHRIST JESUS we will instantly become righteous in the sight of the FATHER and we will only come to JESUS through our faith in HIM. We do not have to make ourselves right because we cannot make ourselves right. Without the proper circumcision of the heart that only CHRIST JESUS can do it is totally impossible to live in accordance with the faith required for us to live righteously in GOD.  Most of us want to be good and most of us want to see GOD by going to heaven but none of us really want to die. I wanted to belong to JESUS but to do so first I had to have faith in HIM then I had to die to self. Dying to self most often is a slow process that will be related to our knowledge of who we are in CHRIST, what HIS desire is for us in HIM, our growing faith in CHRIST, and the application of the Word to our life. All of that equals maturity in CHRIST and no one should be ten plus years in their salvation and still sucking on a bottle instead of chewing on meat. Only in CHRIST are we made right with the FATHER/GOD. Our becoming right has nothing and will never have anything to do with the law. Again, our getting and growing in righteousness only come from GOD through CHRIST JESUS. GOD will use our faith in CHRIST JESUS to make us right with HIM; mold us to be righteous in HIM; develop us in our righteousness in HIM. It is only the righteous that will live by faith in the FATHER through CHRIST. The message in the Bible is written to the children of the Living GOD and will not be a help to anyone who refuses to trust in it. But the righteous will live because of their faith in the message. Have I made myself clear in the fact that no one can be or will be made right with GOD by the law? It is only the ones who have believed and received their gift of righteousness from CHRIST in their personal salvation in HIM who is right with GOD that will live forever. Only those of use who are blood-washed believers are right with GOD the FATHER and will live forever because of our faith in HIS SON, JESUS.

The only person that is being fooled about our being good is yourself. If you believe that you are good without CHRIST you are sadly mistaken and it is made evident that you have believed, relied on, and trusted in your father satan. You may or may not be aware of that fact but it is my job to give to you the truth without sugar-coating it. The righteousness of GOD is for all and to all when it is believed because there is no difference because all of us are born into sin and all of us are cut short of GOD’s glory. However, once we believe, rely on, and trust in CHRIST the justification that we will immediately receive will be freely given to us by HIS grace all because CHRIST JESUS redeemed us because it was the FATHER GOD who called out to us, who leads us, and helps us to live according to HIS moral law showing us that we are overcomers/victors/winners; HIS friends, and forgiven; no longer will we be considered HIS enemies, no longer will we be judged because we have been acquitted. The LORD GOD is LORD to anyone who looks to HIM and will receive from HIM HIS rich blessings. All of this and so much more has been given to the children of the Living GOD, it is like we are unwrapping a new and wonderful gift from day to day for the remainder of our earthly life. We learn to demonstrate HIS righteousness due to HIS patience, love, forgiveness, grace, mercy, and I can go on and on but know this we can live and will live in the richness of HIS Goodness, not in the non-existence of ours. The sin is our not believing in CHRIST, and the actions of sins which were and are forgiven yesterday, today, and in the future tomorrows. That is the demonstration of HIS righteousness, CHRIST JESUS is righteousness and HE is the One who causes us to be righteous all because we decided in our heart to believe in HIM. Be encouraged, informed, and inspired by reading what is written below. Keep this in mind:

  • The law will not and cannot make us righteous with GOD because it is impossible the entire world is a prisoner to sin and the only way of escape is through faith in CHRIST. 
  • It makes no difference to the FATHER GOD, CHRIST JESUS, and the Holy Spirit whether you speak a foreign language, mute, blind, lame/maimed/ skin color is not an issue/physical features, not an issue, and if I have left anything out include that which seems important to you but has no value with GOD. All that the FATHER, the SON, and the Holy Spirit are concerned with is our heart do we or will we believe in CHRIST JESUS?
  • We get what GOD promised by having faith in HIS SON, JESUS. HIS promises are our free gift.
  • There is no such thing as self-salvation, we are saved by grace only because we chose to believe from the heart and confessed what we believe with our mouth.
  • We are saved because of HIS mercy towards us, not because of anything that we think we have done that we consider being good.
  • We are clean because of HIS washing us in HIS blood which has made/or will make us brand new people.
  • HE saved us by making us new through the Holy Spirit.
  • JESUS gave HIS life to save you, me, and many people.
  • In CHRIST we are made free by HIS blood sacrifice and we are forgiven because of HIS rich grace.
  • JESUS paid the price to free us and in HIM alone we have the forgiveness of sins.
  • We are made free from sin forever because of the blood of JESUS. CHRIST brings a new agreement, covenant/testament from the FATHER to HIS children, to have the blessings GOD intended for us to have from the beginning that lasts forever. This occurred because JESUS died to free all people from sin and the sins committed against the commands of the first agreement/covenant/testament.
  • We are purchased with the precious unsinful blood of JESUS which flowed from HIM because HE became our sacrifice.
  • GOD made peace through the blood sacrifice of HIS SON, JESUS.
  • GOD is giving everyone the chance to turn to HIM through HIS SON, JESUS.
  • Every unbeliever needs to know this, GOD is being very kind to you in HIS patience waiting for you to make the choice to change. But you never even consider just how merciful GOD is being towards you and this is because you have no clue that GOD is being kind and merciful to you, giving you the opportunity to change your life.

I sincerely hope that you have been well informed with this inspirational newsletter today and see the encouragement rather than the discouragement.


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