Respect for authority


Romans 13:1


Respect-everyone want it; everyone deserves it; there are positions in life in which that position is to be upheld even if we don’t agree with the person. The word respect is defined; a person’s ability; quality; excellence of character or integrity. A position which carries with it rights that are attached. Though people and positions are to be respected there is only one who is to be respected above all and in doing so; you will find yourself being respectful and respected. In the Bible we find this word in reference to GOD; fear. However, the true definition to the word fear when it’s associated with GOD is actually; reverential awe. Think of this; would anyone in their right mind want to respect GOD or come near to GOD if we are to be afraid of HIM. How can we love on HIM as HE desires because HE Loves us if we are too afraid to approach HIM? Once we realize who GOD is and HIS desires for our lives and accept HIS SON, JESUS we begin to walk a life that respect is attached to. Then you will begin to see that as GOD informed man to have dominion over all that is in the earth. We are not to abuse our authority towards each other; yet we are to take control over circumstances that try to get out of control. We are to set things right again; this is the position of those in government; the police; the medical team; the rescue team; your teacher; the President;  your Pastor; your employer; your dad and mom or guardian; your spouse and so on.


All the positions I named above are to be respected because of the rights that come along with the responsibility. GOD is to be respected; after all who made HIM? No one or thing. GOD is the first and GOD is the last. GOD is the creator of all seen and unseen. Nothing is created or discovered anew by man because GOD is the only person who can take nothing and make something. GOD did not use anything that was found because without HIM noting exists. GOD does not discover anything because HE has placed everything where man can find it. When was the last time you took anything that did not have an existence and create something? Man can’t even create a baby; we make babies; GOD used the dirt/dust of the ground that HE carpeted the earth with and created a man; a living being; a living soul. All we do is Xerox ourselves; we take a little of someone else and apply him or her to us and nine months later we have a mixture of you and your spouse. Down the line you begin to see traits of you; your spouse; your grandparents; your aunts; uncles; cousins; relatives that have been dead for years but someone maybe alive know the deceased or you run across an old photo and you see a resemblance. GOD had nothing to work with but HIS words. So I encourage you to respect authority which is GOD; yourself and those who hold a position in which it causes you to be a better person.

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