In this particular chapter and verse of Ephesians, Apostle Paul who wrote from prison desires that all born-again CHRISTians see CHRIST JESUS as HE is to not only himself (Paul) but to all of us.

From the Holy Spirit, we obtain wisdom. We are to be guided by wisdom; this will cause us to be well adapted and to produce good effects. We will have the ability to effectively make known from heaven the things that are not kept secrets from us but is hidden from the world. Those who reject JESUS will never have a clear and certain perception of that which exists, or of truth and fact; the information in the power of knowing from the Holy Spirit. In all this, combined we should pray for a deep and personal and intimate insight of the things of GOD.

If we have been baptized in the Holy Spirit we will possess this power, but we don’t know we have this power if we are not diligent to study the Word of GOD to find out who we are in CHRIST JESUS. The eyes of our understanding will reveal to us that just as JESUS is so are we.

But this is not an optical understanding, this is a heart sight understanding. The center, the core of our heart must be totally filled by the Holy Spirit. How can we deny that which we are in love with? He’s conversation worthy. How can we deny anyone that we know? We can only speak about that which we know of. And how can we have a hope, an eternal confidence in anything if we don’t believe? It’s impossible. My darling brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS, we have been chosen to partake in a rich inheritance that is glorious.

The Holy Spirit has an unlimited amount of power, His power can’t be measured and His power can’t be surpassed by anyone or anything. The Holy Spirit was promised to us by CHRIST JESUS and the Holy Spirit is the agent that fulfills the promise that JESUS told the disciples as HE was speaking to them as HE was being ascended, “I AM with you always even to the end of the age”. But some of us believe that the Holy Spirit is a feeling that comes over us, no. The Holy Spirit no longer comes over but indwells; that is unless you have not asked that He come and live inside of you.

Don’t you realize that when JESUS gave up HIS Spirit on the cross, HE released the Holy Spirit from HIS being and the Holy Spirit returned to the FATHER? Then on the third day after HIS crucifixion, the FATHER sent the Holy Spirit back to JESUS so that HE can show the world that HIS Word is true. Had JESUS not rose on the third day, we all would be in trouble from those who lived during that time until the end of the age. The devil would have won but he lost yet again. And we are conquerors and victorious because JESUS CHRIST is a conqueror and a victor. Now CHRIST JESUS is sitting on the throne beside our DADDY in heaven.

CHRIST JESUS is seated higher than any authority, dominion, power or rule that is angelic or human. Whether we know a name or not, CHRIST JESUS is seated higher than any name ever or that will ever be. Let me make this plain, regardless of your position, or title, regardless of what diagnosis you’ve been given, in this present world and in the world to come. CHRIST JESUS is seated above it all.

The children of the Living GOD must never doubt that there is anything that will put a scare into JESUS. Because it’s created not necessarily by the Almighty GOD because HE will never create anything negative. Remember everything HE created is good because HE said so. However, because there are negative creations here in this world we must not doubt that JESUS has not already gotten victory over that thing.

  • Angels (heavenly or demonic)
  • Death (the last enemy to be destroyed)
  • Depth (distance)
  • Future (time to come)
  • Height (increase)
  • Life (JESUS is)
  • Powers (authority)
  • Present (near)
  • Principalities (territory of a prince)
  • Threatening (negative)

Now that the non-believers have been given a sneak as to what we believers should know. Don’t you think that today is a good day to bend your knee willingly to JESUS? After all, if you don’t do it willingly you will eventually do it. Here on earth or in hell. You will come to know that the name of JESUS is above every single name there is or will ever be.


Ephesians 1:17-21; Ro. 8:38-39; Phil. 2:9-10


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