As I read through the scripture that was chosen for this blog. I found that I needed to break down some important points in the hopes that if any of us thought that we had this pretty much covered, we may want to re-examine ourselves through the Holy Spirit who teaches us all about JESUS and leads us into all truth.

So here we go.

  • Faith

Believe and obey without evidence.

Entire trust or confidence in GOD’s character and declarations and the entire character and doctrine of the CHRIST.

An unreserved surrender to the will of JESUS guidance and dependence on HIS merits for salvation.

A firm belief of the testimony of GOD, the truth of the gospel and the reliance entirely on JESUS for salvation.

Confidence in the moral character of GOD the FATHER and JESUS, an affectionate confidence in the testimony of GOD.

The firm belief of GOD, HIS declarations of HIS Word, and a full affectionate confidence in the certainty of what GOD has declared because GOD declared them.

Revelation truths that are only received by CHRISTians, meaning you must be born again. You have to be Blood washed to be redeemed from the curse of the law and sin. You have to believe completely in the Blood of JESUS, the Cross of JESUS, the Death of JESUS and the Resurrection of JESUS.

GOD has given to HIS own children promises, GOD has given to the world HIS Truth and HIS faithfulness.

We must make an open profession of the gospel of truth and we can only do this when we have faith in the credibility of HIS Truth.

  • Rewarder

FATHER GOD is a rewarder to those who have faith in HIS Word. HE is not an evil GOD who will repay us with evil, we don’t even have to believe in HIM or HIS SON JESUS and HE will reward us with goodness. This is just the type of wonderful GOD we have.

Unlike HIS creation who will reward another person for the act that was shown to him or her be it an evil or good act. GOD only rewards HIS human creation with goodness. Humans are the ones who will reward the person with evil if they have caused discomfort by any measure. Or humans will reward the person for the kindness shown. Humans do not have an ongoing nature to reward in the same intent as our GOD does. Humans volunteer to reward another be it a good or evil reward. Whereas GOD simply rewards with goodness. Humans are always looking for the applause, the comfort or the joy that another may provide but never consider that we don’t applause our Creator GOD and that HE is the only One who can bring us everlasting comfort and joy. Anything else from humankind or this world is temporary and HIS is eternal. Humans are also looking for that big money, for goods from another and happiness that is based on a circumstance. When we find those things then we may consider voluntarily rewarding others. It’s like we base our rewarding others from the popular song, “What have you done for me lately”.

  • Seek

Ask yourself these questions. Am I following the will of JESUS? Do I go after, advance, drive or press forward in JESUS?

The Word of GOD tells us to seek HIM while HE maybe found, Isaiah 55:6-7. Humans should always be asking for the desires of GOD’s heart, looking for the blessings and the miracles that are all around us daily but we miss them continually. We must endeavor to find JESUS in all we do. We should be in search of and solicit the glory of GOD. We must be willing to gain what JESUS has for us by any means that will cause HIM to reward us for our faithfulness in HIM.


Hebrews 11:6





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