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Is Moses To Be Trusted

I am going to put myself out on a limb here believing that any person over the age of ten has heard of Moses if for no other reason than to watch the great movie classic starring Mr. Charlton Heston in The Ten Commandments. Come on guys I believe that somewhere between ninety-five and ninety-nine percent of all viewers love the parting of the Red Sea, it is incredible and we retain that portion of the movie if nothing else. I will not elaborate on how many errors are found in the movie because I am going to believe that they were done for dramatic effect. But please do read the true story of Moses and the Israelites in your Bible, the story is incredible.

I desire to clear the bad rap people who know nothing of JESUS are pointing toward HIM and what is being said is a lie. JESUS is many things but JESUS is also not many things. Just as I will not write down all the things that JESUS is, I will not write down all the things that JESUS is not. But I will inform some of you and reinform to some of you that JESUS is not an accuser, JESUS is not a liar, and HE is not unfaithful. Those attributes along with many other negative qualities are on humankind and though JESUS is one hundred percent human HE is first and foremost one hundred percent GOD and when GOD clothed HIMself in human form HE was one hundred percent sinless.

Accusations come from satan not from the Creator of All. Yes, GOD knows everything that we think, our true motives from the heart, all that we turn our attention towards with our ears, eyes, and how we speak day by day. Nothing escapes HIS knowledge about any one of us be we in the dark or in the light. But Moses stands at the ready to accuse everyone who tries to live by the law that he wrote [religious traditions, performance] as well as the Law that GOD wrote which are the Ten Commandments [moral law]. No human can live by the law of Moses and it is difficult but not impossible to live the Law of GOD. However, when we by total faith in our heart receive JESUS as our personal Savior then and only then will we receive a total heart transplant that will not point us to live by the law of Moses but to live by Grace because this is who JESUS is. JESUS brought forgiveness, grace, mercy, and truth to us but Moses brought us the law [condemnation and guilt]. Those that chose to try and live by the law will die/be judged by that very same law. But those that chose to live by and in grace, have been freed of judgment to the law. It is like this the law is the oil but grace is the water. Now, I ask you, can oil and water mix? No, the oil will always separate from the water and vice versa. But the forgiveness, the grace, the love, the mercy, and so many other attributes will clothe us and keep us clean because of JESUS. Today, this very instant put those thoughts out of the mind that JESUS is up in heaven with the FATHER looking down on our choices and mistakes and holding them against us. This is not who HE is and this is not what HE does, JESUS will not accuse HIS sisters and brothers for their actions, instead, HE prays for us and continually shows the FATHER that HIS blood is covering us.

In the New Testament, there are several scriptures that we can find that inform us that JESUS is our Mediator/Advocate/Attorney. In this position, HE explains to the FATHER that we have HIS blood on us, that we have been eternally reconciled to the FATHER and this is irrevocable, we have a far better testimony than those of old, we are Israelites the chosen people of GOD.

So, this chapter is titled “Can we trust Moses”? The answer is yes, Moses keeps directing us towards JESUS and he shows us that when we rely on JESUS that we will not only experience the promises of GOD but we will see JESUS during the day walking before us and night walking behind. Moses not only spoke a prophetic promise but he also spoke a parable; “The LORD your GOD will give you a Prophet like me. HE will be One of your people. Listen to HIM”. WoW, where have we read before that we are to listen to HIM [and not to him, not to her, not to them]? The FATHER told JESUS everything to say as well as what to do. Today, we have the Holy Spirit speaking to us telling us what to say as well as what to do. Everything that the Holy Spirit speaks comes directly from JESUS because His job is to teach, testify, direct, train, and show us who and what we are in the body of CHRIST, and when we obey the will of the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS we experience simplicity.

Get with it my dear beloved siblings, I understand that it can be trying sometimes to just simply walk by faith because faith has nothing visible to show us, yet. We are physically led to what we can see, touch, hear, smell, and taste. I get it but GOD is our helper HE will not leave us stranded nor will HE ignore us. All we need do is speak to HIM about our desires, challenges, daily task, and so on. Our FATHER knows the outcome but for us to receive the outcome and not be drained from the stress of it all, we will need to walk by faith and not by sight [2 Cor 5:7]. GOD is our Helper and HE will tell us everything we need to say, and everything that we need to do, HE did this for Moses why not believe that HE will do better for us.

Get this I know that many of us will find this to be strange but JESUS is the One who said this so it is our choice whether we are going to believe this or not. JESUS said, “If we are not going to believe what Moses wrote about HIM how are we going to believe in what JESUS has said and is saying to us”? When I was seventeen, I accepted JESUS into my heart. I was unchurched [I became a better CHRISTian for not having that experience], and knew nothing about Moses outside of the movie nor the prophets. Yet, I was led to read all of those legendary stories that taught me how to believe, and what not to do. Yes, it took many years to overcome many of my ways of being and doing things but those stories showed me where they went wrong and how I went wrong. I experienced some of the same difficulties they did by not relying on JESUS. Today, my reliance on JESUS is much better I am still learning to walk by faith and not by sight because this is a daily learning experience. I am positive that it is this way for you as well. Father Abraham said, “we have the law to read as well as the books of the prophets, let us learn from them”. The key word is that we are to learn to read those wonderful books and cross-reference them to the New Testament which will help us live better by enjoying all that our FATHER has in store for us through JESUS.

John 5:45-47

Reference Scriptures: Jhn 1:17, Lk 23:23 Rom 2:12, Deut. 18:15, 18, Matt 17:5, Lk 9:35, Jhn 1:15, Lk 16:29


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