Righteousness-Psalm 4:5


It’s time that we the children of the Most High GOD give up day by day our own will and what we consider righteous for HIS will and righteousness. I write this because there are still too many of my beloved brothers and sisters who are still doing their own thing. Day by day they don’t consider that if they surrender to their Heavenly FATHER today and allow HIM to lead them into righteousness just for righteousness sake that they would not find themselves in a negative state had they not surrendered themselves. How many negative thoughts do you entertain regarding another person? How often has profanity crossed your lips just because it’s a part of your conversation? When was the last time you took a simple ink pen from an establishment or a person after using it because you found yourself needing an ink pen? Being a child of the Living GOD is not strict to the point of boredom; on the contrary it’s strict to the point of freedom; life and daily expectation of being blessed. Daily we desire to exemplify who we belong to in our character. We all at some time or another have been told that we are just like our earthly father or mother. Wouldn’t it be exciting to hear someone tell you that you have the character of CHRIST? JESUS walked in righteousness and so can we. JESUS did not have to surrender to it because HE was it; we on the other hand must surrender to righteousness because it’s not a part of our flesh nature. Most of my brothers and sister don’t even realize that they are the righteousness of CHRIST and this is why they don’t walk in righteousness. Righteousness is a struggle when we make up in our minds to think; see; say and do what is righteous. I’ve never lied to you in the nearly 400 notes that I have written and submitted to the various social networks and I’m not going to begin today. The LORD GOD has given us the ability to be righteous and because the Holy Spirit is within us we have the power to walk out anything and everything that the LORD GOD desires for our lives. Many times we may try and fall; so what; does not a baby try many times to walk and many times fall before their little legs become strong enough to continue in their command? In the mind of a baby they can walk and they are going to walk; but they don’t get discouraged with each falling down. They simply get up and try again; they don’t lay or sit there crying and give up. Neither should you; you have the mind of CHRIST; you have the Holy Spirit living within you; meaning you have the Comforter who has given you all the power you need to surrender to righteousness. Stop trusting in yourself and trust in your LORD GOD; I don’t recall once seeing in the Bible where the LORD GOD instructs us to trust in ourselves. I do recall HIM instructing us to trust in HIM. Now getter dun!

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