There was a time I was often heard saying, “You can fool me, yourself, and people in general. But the One no one will ever fool, the One no one will ever succeed in being false with is the LORD GOD. And though I don’t say this as often as I once did, does not mean that I no longer stand by this.

There is going to come a time in every human life when we all must stand before our CREATOR. The LORD GOD will judge the secrets of us all by JESUS CHRIST. That measuring rod will be HIS Word.

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In the Word of GOD, we are commanded to LOVE our brothers in the faith who are in JESUS CHRIST. But there is more backbiting, murmuring and complaining among us than out there in the world. We are judging each other based solely on our own personal perceptions or generational gap disconnect. Had we trained our children according to the Word of GOD in the first place and not tried to be a friend to our children or allow the government to tell us how to discipline our kids at home as long as we did not go overboard and abuse them. Then some of the moral declines that we see with our young people would not be. Instead of us lifting our brothers and sisters in JESUS CHRIST up, we smile in their face, but all the while we are thinking that we can do a better job than they, or why were they chosen to do that task and not you. We’re sneaking and creeping within the church and the world is watching and laughing at the church. Sin looks as though it’s winning. It’s not. Church these are some of the actions and thoughts of the heart that we are going to be judged on.

When we all stand infront of the judgement seat of CHRIST JESUS, most of us will be thinking that we have made it over. That we have made it to our final destination. But the truth is, you are only fooling yourself. How long you stay in heaven is totally up to you. Everything we did with our body, be it good or bad will be judged.


The Good News is this if you have received JESUS into your heart and you confess HIM by faith. You have already been judged and you are in the book of Life. You are no longer dead and there is no guilt found in your works.

But those who deny, refuse, curse, ignore or anything against JESUS those are the ones who are dead. Those are the ones who do not have their name written in the Lamb’s book of Life. You are guilty of all your works. And mercy is now lost to you.

Ro. 2:16, 14:10; 2 Corinthians 5:10; Rev. 20:12, 21:27


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