We are saved but they are not – Colossians 4:4-5


We all have members in our family may be in our household and we all socialize with others and those who are great friends towards us and we with them. But there is that one critical thing that we do not have in common with them and that is that they are non-believers in CHRIST JESUS, we are not related to them anymore by blood. Our blood has been transfused by the washing and renewing from CHRIST JESUS. When we became believers, we burned to have our family members, those we socialized with often, and our friends to be saved. But as time goes by those same individuals still are non-believers and we are not on fire to convince them anymore that CHRIST JESUS is the LORD, that HE is GOD. So, as we go about our CHRISTian life some of us may not take those opportunities, those open door moments to share CHRIST JESUS with others for various reason that I will not attempt to write because you understand just what I mean. The number one reason we may not recognize open door opportunities is that we fear being rejected. Understand my loves that JESUS CHRIST the SON of the Living GOD, who is 100% GOD is also 100% Man who walked on this very earth that we are walking on and HE was rejected prior to HIS being crucified. So, we are in good company. It is not for us to argue or make anyone understand the message of CHRIST JESUS. We are to be living examples which will draw people to us because they see in us what they cannot see or experience anywhere else or with anyone else.

For us we must pay close attention to our own conduct, we are to shed off that natural character and lack of integrity that belongs to us and put on the spiritual character and integrity of CHRIST JESUS. Not that we should be taking HIM off but I write this because daily when we rise from our sleep we must be mindful to ask the FATHER in the name of CHRIST JESUS to have us to be where HE desires us to be, to do that which HE desires us to do, to say what HE desires us to say and to think about HIS Word. This is how we look for first the kingdom of heaven and all HIS Righteousness. Understand, that it does not take us to be religious in our lifestyle, this is what turns people off and begin to avoid us. It is much better to be in a relationship with JESUS rather than being religious. If you were funny before you became a believer in CHRIST JESUS than continue being funny, do you not understand that humor is a wonderful medicine? If you were great to be around, continue being that. I cannot stress enough how we were designed by GOD to be the way we are simply better in HIM. I have been saved for forty years and I confess to you that those who beat people up with the Bible or those who are super religious acting but yet when a crisis hit they speak and act like nonbelievers really pain my spirit. I do not like being around people who cannot have a pleasant conversation without preaching at me for the entire two minutes or more when we are either on the phone or face to face. We should be well-grounded people able to communicate with most everyone in our everyday language. Ask for wisdom in how we are to live the current day so that we will not experience the unwise behavior that is a part of our flesh nature.

We spend much of our time in the presence of non-believers while we are at school and at work. We walk among them, and shop among them, most everywhere we are they are. We are to pay attention because we have been sent out as sheep among those who are wolves, but we are to be prudent as a snake yet as harmless as a dove. We are to make proper use of our time because these are evil days that we live in, meaning look for those open-door opportunities, do not kick or push our way into a closed door because the outcome will not be good. There will be some days when we think that we have not made a difference in the life of another because we feel that we have said nothing about JESUS in the lives of others. But, we never considered that maybe our conduct or kindness ministered to the life of another. Do not take on the guilt of the world. GOD knows what HE is doing and when we hear the voice of the Holy Spirit letting us know who to speak with or how to speak with someone that will be our golden ticket for entry.

The people of this world are looking for people who have answers as well as speak a language that is relevant to what they are going through in their lives. But, if we sound much like the world, giving the same answers and speaking that which has been heard repeatedly then we have lost our opportunity to plant a seed that will hopefully germinate and blossom. Speak grace to others without coming off all preachy and religious sounding. When we speak from wisdom, we will gain favor. Our conversation with others must be interesting and be ever ready to answer any individual. We should be able to hide the Word of GOD using everyday language because there are some that we conversate with who do not want to hear anything that sound Bible let alone the use of the name of CHRIST JESUS. So, be wise in the Holy Ghost of CHRIST JESUS. And, when that opportunity arises itself when anyone asks us why we are the way we are that is when we can share who CHRIST JESUS is to us in our heart, acknowledge HIM as being the LORD. Have a logical defense for the hope that we have in this hopeless world, let them know that we have the only hope worth having but be courteous and respect the person to whom we are speaking with.

Eph. 5:15; Mt. 10:16; Eph. 5:16; Ecc. 10:12; Mrk. 9:50; 1 Ptr. 3:15


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