Those who obey the truth, are sons. Those who live by faith which is grace in CHRIST JESUS instead of living by the law which have already been completely fulfilled, you are sons. Those who live by and in the Holy Spirit and no longer in the flesh of their desires are sons. Was our faith given to us by the law or by believing in the Word of GOD through CHRIST JESUS as Abraham?

Our FATHER sent the world HIS only begotten SON and clothed HIM in flesh to look as we do. JESUS paid the bill in full, that’s what is meant by the word redeem. We were purchased back from the hands of satan, we have been recovered from hell and the lake of fire.

However, though the price has been paid in full it’s totally up to us to believe and receive JESUS as the SON of the Living GOD and the Savior of the world. JESUS is the only Way, the Truth and the Life for this cold and dark world which has been riddled with sin.

The law never could and never will accomplish what JESUS has for us. Not only that, everybody want to be praised like JESUS, but no one else has conquered the grave as JESUS. No one can be healed and delivered in any other name other than the name where all power resides. JESUS!

Do you want to be counted among the many who are true believers in CHRIST JESUS? It’s so wonderful to be adopted by the FATHER. Come to think of it, it’s better to be counted among the adopted and to be an heir with CHRIST JESUS. Why is this? Did you know that a biological parent can disinherit their natural born child or children but an adopted cannot be disinherited? It’s a fact, don’t believe me check out the law books or ask an attorney for yourself.

This should make you thankful that JESUS came and used HIMself as our ransom.

Galatians 3:7, 4:5; Mathew 20:28


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