I tell you when studying the Word of GOD we find that paying attention in school was essential. What caught my attention for the very first time was “most assuredly”. This may not seem like much to you but if you keep this in  the context you may get it. JESUS used a superlative to describe HIS ability or lack thereof. Here this is JESUS the Son of Man (Mary’s son) speaking about HIS need for HIS FATHER. In order for HIM to accomplish anything HE had to do just what HIS FATHER did, and HE did what HIS FATHER did as HIS FATHER did because HIS FATHER showed HIM just as we will be shown.

So many times we credit ourselves for accomplishing things and it maybe true for a temporary moment. But if we want things to last, we would want the LORD to tell and show us how to get things done. Because most times when we do things on our own, we make more mistakes before we get them correct, but in the FATHER, we get them correct the first time. We are hungry for self- recognition when we should be looking to see what we can do to please the FATHER and HIS will.

The world will never see the FATHER in us but the church, as well as ourselves,should know and see the FATHER within us. Just as JESUS said to Phillip, you have been with ME so long and you don’t know ME, you see ME you see the FATHER. This should be us. We have to believe that the FATHER is in us, that JESUS is in us, that we are in the FATHER and that we are in JESUS. We must know because we speak to the FATHER because we are building a relationship with our FATHER that when we speak we will be speaking HIS Words. And we will speak in HIS authority because our FATHER will be doing the work, not us. So if anyone has a reputation on the line it’s HIM, not us.

I cannot stress enough because I need for every believer newborn, toddler, youth, adolescent, and senior citizen in CHRIST JESUS to know that the FATHER is in JESUS, JESUS is in the FATHER. FATHER>JESUS>you; you>JESUS> FATHER>; FATHER>you>JESUS. No matter how we look at it, it’s a marvelous sight.

You see while people are spending thousands and millions on weaves, lashes, false nails and scaring their bodies with tattoos. Those things are only temporary, as much as other things we set our sights on that can be seen by the natural eyes. But those things that do exist that cannot be seen with the natural eyes but can be seen with the spiritual eyes are eternal. Those are the things we need to train our vision on, stop paying attention as to what a person look like outwardly and look to find the FATHER. There is nothing wrong with looking our best, I’m all for great grooming but I’ve never obsessed over it to the point that I neglect the important things in my life to look as the woman does next to me or someone in a magazine or television. I want to see my FATHER and I want others to see HIM also.

In the beginning, when I heard the Word in my spirit, I knew that JESUS is the LORD. I’ve never touched the Man JESUS in the natural but I’ve touched JESUS through touching others that have JESUS on the inside of them. I’ve never seen the Man JESUS but I’ve seen JESUS by looking at people who have JESUS living on the inside of them.

The Word spoke into my spirit. This Word was with GOD. And this Word was the voice of GOD speaking to me. HE could not be denied. In HIM my life changed immediately and my life lite up.

It was not difficult for me to understand, I needed no explanation when I went home and read this the night I received JESUS. The Truth is flesh, Truth is named JESUS, and JESUS once lived on planet earth. Mankind looked at the fullness of HIS glory and did not recognize HIM, mankind did not believe that a Most Holy GOD had a SON or that JESUS is GOD in the flesh. JESUS is the epitome of grace, unmerited favor, blessings, and truth.

Beloved children of the living GOD we have a marvelous testimony from GOD and that is eternal life in HIS SON CHRIST JESUS. Dear reader if you forget everything I’ve written today in this encouraging evangelism blog, please remember this.

  1. Know that JESUS, the SON of GOD has come.
  2. Understand, that we must know JESUS as true.
  3. We are in JESUS, JESUS is true.
  4. CHRIST JESUS is the true GOD and eternal life.

The name of JESUS is The Word of GOD.

If you allow HIM, JESUS will cause you to know the truth and the truth will make you free.

JESUS is the Truth, JESUS is the Way, and JESUS is the life. No one comes to the FATHER except through JESUS.

John 14:9-11; 5:19, 30, 10:38, 2 Corinthians 4:18; 1 John 1:1; Jo. 1:1, 4, 14; 1 Jo. 5:11, 20; Rev. 19:13; Jo. 8:32, 14:6


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