The most comforting, loved, memorized, and often turned to psalm is the 23rd. And though today I will not dissect this beautiful psalm that David sang, this is perfectly clear in the very first verse of this song. The LORD shepherds those that belong to HIM. It is totally impossible to think that anyone can disbelieve and live according to their own will and expect to be taken care of in the manner that a shepherd will take care of those that belongs to him.

The righteous experience a supply from their FATHER who is the LORD GOD according to HIS riches. Not according to our attempts to gain on our own merit, not by worshipping false gods, not by disbelieving in JESUS. No, our FATHER who is the LORD GOD, HIS riches is found in the glory of HIS SON, CHRIST JESUS.

The role of a Good Shepherd is to feed HIS flock. HE collects HIS lambs into HIS arms. HE carries us around in HIS bosom; (for men who are too masculine for this word I will use pectoral). And if you’re immature in HIM, HE will gently lead us because we are so young in HIM.

JESUS has already shown the world that HE is a Good Shepherd by giving HIS very life for sheep. If you study the characteristics of sheep you will find that they are silly and foolish animals. As sinners, we are referred to as sheep, when we come to CHRIST JESUS we are referred to as lambs. This should cause every believer to shout for joy because just as the lamb is innocent, so are we.

JESUS is called the LAMB of GOD because HE is innocent, yet, was found guilty of sin. Sin for the entire world for every human born past, present and future, HE took on every disease, sickness and torment which are all curses from hell. And JESUS overcame them all. There will be a day my brothers and sisters of faith in CHRIST JESUS that we will see HIM in the middle of the throne and HE will shepherd us by leading us to the living fountains of waters.

Psalms 23:1; Phil. 4:19; Isaiah. 40:11; John. 10:11; Revelation 7:17


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