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December 4, 2020

Lost Scrolls – 1 Kings 11:41 & 2 Chronicles 9:29

This article is much different than all the previous articles/blogs that have ever been published through AMFBeM because this is more so a type of warning and a wee-bit of common sense in logic. 

The Holy Scriptures that we all have, contain the exact number of books, chapters, and verses that the Most-High GOD wanted us to have in our possession. And, yet, most never devour that which we have but rather clammer to find that which we believe to be just what we need just because it has been broadcast that lost books of the bible have been located, and then many have rushed out to make their purchase. I have never understood this because I have always believed for myself that if GOD wanted me to have that which is lost whether it has been printed or not for mass marketing, HE will make sure that I am given revelation knowledge directly from HIM to go get it or HE will pour what I need from HIM into me.

After, people have gone and made their purchase the book is then put away or given away never to be thought of again until it is brought up in conversation or maybe someone in their wisdom of the flesh decides to use or incorporate those lost books with those books which have never been lost. The only people who have gained wealth from these books are the ones who sold these lies to those void of knowledge in CHRIST JESUS. 

In the Holy Scrolls of our Bible, it is confirmed that there were recordings written but we find that it has not been included in the Holy Bible for whatever reason I could care less about. It has taken me forty-two years [my age in Salvation] to understand what I do understand through reading, studying, and revelation knowledge given to me by the Holy Ghost. And, yet, I still need to keep reading, to keep studying, and to keep gaining revelation knowledge from the Holy Spirit for the remainder of my earthly life to get further wisdom and understanding from the Word of GOD. 

In the book of 1 Ki. 11:41 [nkjv] the scripture reads:

Now the rest of the acts of Solomon, all that he did, and his wisdom, are they not written in the book of the acts of Solomon?

So, where is this book? I do not know, and I do not give a care. The LORD GOD gave us all the information that HE wanted for us to have regarding King Solomon in the books of Kings, Chronicles, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, and Song of Solomon.

I am aware that the scribes/secretaries/administrative assistants wrote down many various declarations and actions of prominent individuals especially the Potentates. But we should be aware if we all do not understand that the Greatest Man to ever walk this world which was created by HIM is CHRIST JESUS and in the book of John one of the disciples and apostle who wrote about CHRIST JESUS also gave to us this information.

Jn. 21:25 [nkjv] And there are also many other things which JESUS did, which if they were recorded one by one, I suppose that even the world itself could not contain the books that would have been written.

We need to cease looking for what we were not given and treasure that which we have. JESUS warned us to not believe people when people say these things; look here is the christ or look here he is, that we are not to believe them, Mk. 13.21. However, many have believed these abominations of desolations. And, here is another one, there are signs that we are to look for and these all must happen with nothing being omitted. The beginning signs of CHRIST return, perils of time, and then CHRIST JESUS glorious return for HIS bride/church/elect people Mt. 24, no one knows the day or hour, not even the angels, v36. 

However, people still say and believe in idiotic things said about CHRIST JESUS, such as his being married to Mary Magdeline, this is another abomination of desolation and is not credited in the Holy Scriptures and most importantly by the Holy Spirit. Yet, many people who are non-christians and those who profess without having the possession of CHRIST continued to spread these lies as though it was true and the gullible and ignorant believed. Things like this make satan and his demons ecstatic with joy over the ignorance and gullibility that people have concerning not knowing CHRIST through HIS Holy Word.

Finally, getting to know the wisest man ever, King Solomon can be researched in the books written above. But getting to know Wisdom can be asked for by GOD through CHRIST JESUS from the sincerity of our heart so that we will no longer remain gullible and ignorant to what sounds good to our itchy ears but is good for our spirit in truth.

AMFBeM (™)   

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