Account Of What has Occurred In History And What Can Be Done Today To Make History


Where are all the men of faith, my brothers in The MESSIAH? As men of faith in the MESSIAH are you defending your land? Why are you allowing false teachers with their false doctrines and gods to take up territory, with their infiltration and corruption?

Washington, the District of Columbia is our nation’s capital and where battles in the Spirit of GOD should be taking place. This is the place where decisions are made that not only affect every resident in all fifty states of the union but the world. Washington, DC is a unique territory and should remain as such. But living in this beautiful, historic, battlefield of power is where all men who are blood washed and baptized in the Holy Spirit should congregate until the backs of principalities and powers of the air are broken.

It has been done before and since we know that GOD is the same yesterday, today, and forevermore, why is it that men are not coming together as one, exercising their faith as one, leaning on JESUS as one, relying on JESUS as one, and trusting in JESUS as one to destroy everything that has lifted its ugly head against the MESSIAH? GOD promises that when we ask the FATHER anything in the name of JESUS that it will be given to us. We are to bind the enemies’ hands and lose the grace of heaven as it is on earth so will it be in heaven. Do not fear because GOD is with you!

Many come to Washington, DC to and hold marches some for good reasons and some are just idiotic. But rarely are their men of faith in the MESSIAH coming together from all over this world as some do to be of one mind and heartbeat for righteousness in the FATHER through CHRIST JESUS.

False gods, doctrines, and idols are living everywhere we reside in every state and internationally and they are laying our land in ruins. Men of faith in the MESSIAH take back the land from false gods, doctrines, idols, and teachers. Those who worship and adhere to the false doctrines will cry out as they are being destroyed, women will mourn, and all their people will be confused as they run about to get away from what the True and Living GOD is doing before them.

Takedown all their idols/false gods they will be exiled together with all their priests and princes. Unfaithful people are boastful but their strength will fail. They trust in their power that the children of the Almighty GOD will not dare attack them. And, so far, they have been correct but I urge you to recall who our Most-High GOD is, how HE is strong and mighty in battle.

But when you mighty men of valor cry out to the Most-High GOD, HE will bring terror on them from every side. They will all run and scatter. They are running for their lives, but they have no help, they have no refuge.

And after all, is settled know that the LORD our GOD will make us prosperous again.

Who can be compared to GOD?

Who would dare challenge our GOD?

Who can oppose the LORD GOD, Creator of all?

Deuteronomy 31; Psalms 24; Jeremiah 49; Matthew 16; John 13; 2 Corinthians 10; Ephesians 6; Hebrews 13


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