Like most of you who will take the time to read this blog, you thought or were taught that sowing dealt with money. This is not completely true. I will like to expand how we can sow into the kingdom of GOD and how we can freely allow the FATHER to use us to sow into the lives of others.

First we must understand that JESUS is spread wide. JESUS has given HIMSELF to the poor, this has nothing to do with our financial situation. This has to do with our spiritual situation. It is the righteousness of JESUS that endures eternally, we don’t have any righteousness apart from CHRIST JESUS. And it’s the strength of JESUS that is and will continually be honored forever.

Next understand that we are the ones that are required to scatter ourselves just as JESUS did. We are to touch the lives of those we come in contact with. We can do this by our finances, our words or our actions toward them. We need to win souls by showing people love and it is impossible to show love when we ourselves don’t understand the concept of love because we don’t have true love living within us and that is JESUS. Every soul won increases the kingdom of GOD.

In the New Testament the Apostle Paul spoke about offerings or gifts. This was to help the ministry and apart of ministry is to assist those who are less fortunate materially than we are. How generous from your heart are you? Or how stingy from your heart are you? I personally would prefer an offering over a tithe because I have done an extensive study on the tithe. And though it is a blessing and though I am a priest, I like the Apostle Paul do not want to burden anyone with all the requirements of giving tithes. Tithes are legalistic and if you are going to continue this tradition we must adhere to every step of every requirement listed in the Old Testament. And though it is true that our father of faith Abraham gave Melchizedek a tenth of his possession this was pre-law. Things went awry after it went into law, greed took place. But when people give gifts they usually give them cheerfully, no one ever feels obligated. You give what you purpose to give another in your heart.

JESUS is of course the originator of sowing good seed. HE left us with examples to follow so we are without excuse. Not only that but the expounding of HIS ministry is through the Apostles and it continues with us as well.

You know I may have written some difficult words here that many will not want to understand and that’s okay. I trust you will go before the Holy Spirit and be taught as you should, we all must be willing to die to ourselves daily. We can’t be led by who we are, by our own understanding, by our own knowledge. We must die and bury ourselves so that we can sprout into what the FATHER desires us to become. That which is pleasing to HIM. We all will be rewarded according to what we have done in this life. I did not understand the concept of what is sown is not made alive until it dies. Mostly because I don’t like to get dirty so I know nothing about seeds and planting. However, apparently seeds are alive until they are planted deep within fertile soil. It can be dirt or flesh, if we want an apple tree we can’t lay the apple seeds on top of soil and wait for a tree to grow, it will never happen. If we want a human, we can’t lay human seeds aside without it being planted and expect a human to form. Seeds must be planted, the only seeds that I know of that we can toss atop of soil and when the rain comes will bury themselves are seeds for a plant called (four o’clocks).

So if we desire a plentiful harvest we must sow plentifully, be it with our finances, our lives and our words. But if we give nothing or little then we will get nothing or little. We never know how the FATHER will show us HIS blessings toward us, we never know who HE will use. So consider everyone in love especially those in the faith of JESUS.

And don’t allow anyone or anything to fool you because our FATHER is not fooled by what we do. HE knows what we are doing from our heart, so check yourself. Don’t compare yourself to another, do the very best you can with what you have. Remember your offering or gift should be done cheerfully, purposefully and willfully. Whatever, you do for others will be multiplied back to you.

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