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August 10, 2020

The Holy Spirit Comforts-Acts 9:31


What is missing in the body of CHRIST today which makes us look sickly, unknowledgeable, and weak? The peace of GOD through HIS Holy Spirit which comes from our being edified in HIM. That is the instruction and renewing of the mind that causes us to improve in the general knowledge of being moral and to increase our faith in holiness. 

The Holy Spirit is the One who helps us in this but we first must be baptized in Him and allow Him to guide us through the scriptures by studying the Word of GOD so that we may be commended of being worthy as He teaches us with wisdom and understanding of the grace of JESUS. 

Being truly edified in the Word of GOD does not present itself through us to be mixed with oil and water which is either legalism or the truth bent just enough to sound good that is acceptable to those who receive that which is being given. 

No. Edification causes us to hold firmly to the fullness of truth in love, and to grow up/mature in CHRIST who is the head. The head of the entire body is harmonious with the knitting together of the joints which are provided for our growing and properly functioning as individual parts in our complete maturity in love. Okay, here is the part that most of us struggle with, though we may not use what I am about to touch on frequently the mishaps does continue for most of us [me]. We cannot edify one another if we are constantly using foul language mixed with good words that are meant to help others for or in GOD. For most of us who desire to change our language from being course, it will take time to get there and like me, we will not even take notice that we are not using foul language as much as we once did, but others will take notice and bring it to our attention as it was done to me years ago.

Another example of our presenting ourselves to look sickly, unknowledgeable, and weak is the fact that most of us do not have reverential respect for our LORD. This is because when the Bible is read most of us take the word “fear” extremely literally. But here is my question to you, how can anyone love a person who desires for us to fear/to be in dread them? It cannot be done. For those scriptures that we read that have the word “fear” there, we must study to find out if the scripture is instructing us to have the utmost respect or to worship because this is what the literal word was supposed to be but got mistranslated from the Hebrew language. The body of CHRIST is individual believers in HIM who are holy and lack nothing because we have the utmost respect for HIM and we worship only HIM/JESUS.

So, if you have been following these news articles you have been informed that the Holy Spirit has been promised to every believer in CHRIST JESUS and I have provided you with some of the roles that He has withing Himself that we are partakers of. And much like before I am going to share with you another attribute/role that the Holy Spirit is. 

The Holy Spirit to the believer in CHRIST JESUS is our very own personal comforter because He is the Comforter. This is why we can live our day to day life because we have high esteem and great respect for GOD HIMself and for the things of GOD which others will take notice of without our being spooky about it. JESUS HIMself asked the FATHER on our behalf to provide us with the Holy Spirit because HE knew and understood that we cannot make it through this sinful world without Him.

Our Comforter brings to us and gives to us His comfort so that what we hear and see in this world will not provide us with anxiety, frustration, grief, sadness, stress, or worry. We do not have the need to imitate the world but rather the world should take notice of us the saints and inquire what makes us stand-out among the rest? Do you my dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS not understand that every sin in the world is a trap and stronghold [addictions, the in-correctional officer of the prisons, and the wardens] and every sin aimed at anyone is a fiery dart that when it hit its target causes those who are not edified in the comfort of the Holy Spirit to become anxious, depressed, frustrated, hopeless, grief-stricken, worried and anything else attached with negativity. 

When those in the world come and inquire from us wanting to know what makes us stand-out from others, we should provide them with the answer without sounding religious because honestly, this is such a turn- off. Just be honest and clear about the Grace/the Good News of CHRIST JESUS and if need be share your testimony about what JESUS has done for you.


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