The SON pt. 2


Glory Hallelujah! It’s so wonderful to know that we have an assurance that we are never alone. Even win the tough times come, we are not alone.

What do you do when your back is up against the wall and you just don’t see any way of escape? You praise the LORD. Yes, I understand that you may not feel like doing this because you are literally feeling the fire licking you. But when the temperature is turned up on the FATHER’s children this is when we and all the nay sayers will see with the eye’s the working of our Savior, who delivers HIS own, JESUS the CHRIST.

JESUS does not get beside, in-front, or behind us when the flood gates open up on us. No! JESUS likes to be in the middle because this is where HE prevails. When you think you are going to drown, remember the Israelites and how they walked through the water. And when you begin to feel the heat all around you. Remember Abed-Nego, Meshach, and Shadrach.

Understand this my beloved family; when we praise and worship our LORD GOD during the good times and the bad. We are showing JESUS just how appreciative we are for things HE has, is and will do in our lives. We are showing HIM just how much we respect and honor HIM. This causes JESUS to lodge right where we are. JESUS is a deliverer to those who will give HIM honor. And not just remember HIM when your life becomes too much. So don’t remember JESUS in just the bad times, remember JESUS in the good times as well.

Give thanks, praise and worship HIM. You will notice a peace and joy from day to day that you may never have thought possible for yourself.

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Daniel 3:25

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