We are in good company



JESUS has been rejected from the beginning but we may not recognize HIS being rejected until we read about HIM in the four gospels. That is because people cannot see HIM in Genesis through Malachi. But if we study the book of John we will learn that the FATHER and the SON worked together in those writings and often JESUS is there in those precious pages if only we get to know HIM intimately so that we can recognize HIM there.

Once we take our stand to live our lives obediently to what CHRIST JESUS has instructed to be in HIM people will reject us from our family to our associates. This is nothing new. We must decide to take a firm stand in who we will obey, will we obey the authority of our governmental laws or the laws of our place of employment or will we obey the authority of our GOD? No, I am not suggesting that we should break any laws which will cause us to stand before a judge or be locked away in a jail cell or prison or at the very least receive a ticket for our disobedience to the governmental laws. Instead, I am cheering you on if you take part in a Bible study or prayer circle on your lunch break in a conference room which will accept anyone who will like to participate. And to have the very same at your schools because no one can prohibit our worshipping our GOD during the times when we are on our break as long as we are not pushing our beliefs on those who do not want to hear what it is we have to say about CHRIST JESUS. If we own our own business we have a right to write for everyone to see what our beliefs and ethics for which every employee will demonstrate. Just as the large corporations have what their beliefs and ethics are and as their employees, we must demonstrate to them whether or not we agree with them. I encourage all of my siblings in CHRIST JESUS who has a business and have decided not to go against your faith in CHRIST JESUS because the customers were dissatisfied with their being rejected because you will not provide a certain service to them. I applaud those of you who have had to close your business because you had lost income because of your faith in CHRIST JESUS. Endure the name-calling, the labeling, the misrepresentation, and the fines.  Many CHRISTian businesses may have to close their doors and windows because of our faith in CHRIST JESUS. Know this that GOD is working on your behalf the enemy may think that he has won but we will rise from the rubble and stand again on the Word of GOD. HE will give us the directions to go and believe me doors and windows will not be shut again.

Matthew 5:44-45

  • Love your enemies. Practice loving those who come against us, treat them well, be kind regardless of how ignorant they come against us with their detest and hatred. Bless them do not turn and curse [speak evil about, at, or with] them as they do toward us.
  • Forgive them because they are blind and deaf to the truth, they do not know what they are doing. They just do not understand. When they abuse us with their language, we will bless them. When we are punished unjustly, hit with penalties, harassed, and hurt by their hatred, bless them.
  • Remember our GOD provides sun and rain on us as well as them. HE blesses them also, but we have a deeper and richer blessing that comes from HIM which will never be taken away by HIM.

Lk. 6:27; Rm. 12:14, 20; Lk. 23:34; Acts 7:60; 1 Cor. 4:12; 1 Ptr. 2:23; Acts 14:17


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