Discipline and Training – 2 Timothy 3:14-17


Now that we are children of the living GOD, we must be trained in what we are learning from the New Testament scriptures. Just as we were natural babies and learned from our earthly environment, we must also learn from our heavenly environment. No one had to teach us to do things that were not good for our wellbeing. As tiny tots, we are trained not to do things but because of our sinful nature we are rebellious and try to do things which we have been warned not to do and, in many cases, will suffer the consequences. For example; we may touch something that is off limits to us such as a hot stove and we touch it anyway, the consequences are that we will suffer from the heat of the stove. However, we will be tended to our hurt, but we will also learn the lesson of not touching the stove when told not to do so. Our sinful nature will always pull us to think, do and say things opposite of what GOD desires for us. But once we are bathed and washed clean in the blood of CHRIST JESUS, we should be pulled to only do those things which GOD desires for us. Therefore, it is necessary for us to learn from the Word of GOD who we are, and how we are to live.

Follow the pattern of the lessons that we are being taught, do not be a hearer only, be a doer of the Word of GOD. When we do as we are instructed, we will come to see the benefits of our faith in action. Do that which is being taught to us in trust and love which belongs to us from CHRIST JESUS. That which we are being taught from the scriptures we will find that we will become convinced that they are true and for today, we will get to know our teachers, those who are known to be the authors of certain books, like Paul and recall what we are learning. We are to stand firm in the knowledge of what be believe and come to know in the scriptures that we have received help from. We are learning that the Word of GOD is trustworthy and that CHRIST JESUS is the MESSAGE. HIS doctrine is sound and because of HIS teaching, we can exhort and encourage as well as refute anyone who speaks against the Living Word.

The Living Word can provide us with Wisdom which solely belongs to GOD. It is because of HIS Wisdom/the Holy Spirit that we are drawn to the FATHER that leads us to salvation through faith in CHRIST JESUS. Nothing in our earthly nature can do this. We can grow up in a home where members of our household are believers and they freely worship CHRIST JESUS daily and we can still operate in unbelief of HIM. I have met many people who know the Bible better than I, yet, they do not know the Living Word who is CHRIST JESUS. Just as we are born in the natural, we must be born in the spirit, this is called being born-again. We know how to live according to the flesh and this world, now, we must become disciplined and trained according to the Spirit and our new home which is heaven. We will begin to love the Word and think of it often. By immersing ourselves in the Word of GOD we will become wiser and will keep JESUS commandments because they belong to us. In studying the Word of GOD, we will also gain a better understanding than those who claim to know HIS Word, yet, prove that they are religious rather than being in a relationship with HIM. We choose not to work in the desires of the flesh because we are learning that the desires of the flesh draw us towards every evil way. We would rather observe to do that which we have learned according to the Word of GOD rather than turn away from that which we are being instructed in. We will experience the sweetness of GOD’s promises to us and find them to be sweeter than the taste of honey. And as we grow up in the Word of GOD, we will begin to hate all forms of evil. Also, we will learn to move away from the law of Moses because we will begin to learn that in them, we will not have eternal life because we are not able to keep them all.

Every scripture from the Old Testament to the New Testament is the breath/inspiration of GOD. Scribes/note taker/secretary/writer, they wrote down what they experienced through doing and what was seen as well as what was spoken from the mouth of GOD. We will experience that HIS Word is profitable/gainful/useful and was not written just for those who were living during the writing of the scriptures. But they were written for every generation of people. Everything that was written in the past was written to teach not only that generation but us and future generations as well. So, be steadfast, level footed and patient because our faith in JESUS will provide us with endurance and encouragement to hold fast and to cherish the hope that we have in HIM. As we are being taught in the Word of GOD we will begin to notice our faults and will desire to change, to have JESUS remove that which is not like HIM, and to replace that which is being taken away with only that which is HIM. The Word of GOD is not meant to depress and oppress us but rather show us that we can be corrected from our sinful habits through HIS instructions on right living in HIM. This is how we become disciplined and trained.

We are GOD’s people because in HIM we are complete, we pursue faithfulness, gentleness, godliness, love, righteousness, and we are immovable. Daily we are becoming equipped, prepared, and qualified because we are vessels who have been chosen/set aside from those of the world. We are being used for honorable works which are all types of good works in CHRIST JESUS. We are strong and gaining more strength every day we are also perfect in CHRIST JESUS. It pains me when I hear my brothers and sisters claim that they are not perfect when the Word of GOD clearly informs us that we are. We are being disciplined and trained to be that which we ought to be in HIM. Get it out of our minds that we can do anything that is according to the will of GOD without CHRIST JESUS because we cannot. CHRIST JESUS, HIMself is the One doing all the work within us, HE is the One who can carry out all things which are pleasing in the sight of the FATHER. We must become humble and rebuke all pride that is still within us, asking the FATHER to cast out all hints and residue of pride that still is and replace pride with what is holy through CHRIST JESUS.






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