Temptation – 2 Peter 2:9

The Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation.

Hey beloved human; you will be tempted. Stop tripping, being tempted is not a sin. It’s the following through and depending on what that temptation is that can be the sin. All humans are tempted to eat something that we know we like and are harmful to us; but it may not cause us to die or become very ill. For example; I can eat chocolate daily but I know that the outcome is not in my favor. So when I’m tempted to purchase a piece of chocolate I speak to the temptation and not allow an object of my affection that has no mind, mouth or life to speak to me. Some of you have temptations that try to overwhelm you as well; be it food, alcohol, drugs, people, money, sex, music and so on. Temptations affect our flesh; it’s a flesh desire not a spirit desire. We can only be tempted by something that we have knowledge of. I can’t be tempted by alcohol or drugs because they don’t bring me any flesh pleasure. I like the taste of beer but I don’t like the affects of the alcohol. So what I do when I really would like to have a beer; is purchase imitation beer. I tried marijuana with my brother once when I was sixteen. I hated it and never tried it again. So I can’t be tempted by those things. Food can tempt me; sex with someone that I know and am attracted to sexually because I know what sex is like with that individual is a temptation to me. However, I have a GOD who is LARGER in every way above my temptations. I speak the Word over my temptations; I stand on belief and faith that whatever temptations that I have that do not bring GOD glory now or ever; deliverance will eventually show itself in my life. If the person that I’m sexually attracted to desires to marry me then I will bring glory to GOD because I am giving my husband the fruits that he will enjoy and our bed will not be defiled. We pay a deadly price for giving into temptation. For me over eating or eating what I love that brings no value to my health will cause me to become unhealthy in my flesh. Our spirits only get one fleshy body to be housed in and it’s up to us to take care of it to be best of our ability. Now like most of you; I’ve not done a fantastic job at that and because of this my flesh does have some problems; such as being overweight. Now, I’m working on getting these pounds off. You and I are to walk in the knowledge that “No temptation has overtaken us except such as is common to us; GOD is faithful, who will not allow us to be tempted beyond what we are able; however, with the temptation the LORD GOD will make away of escape; that we will be able to bear it; 1 Corinthians 10:13” JESUS, HIMSELF was tempted by the devil; however, before I go further with the temptation JESUS overcame. I want to remind some and inform others that the very same tactics the devil used on Eve in the Garden of Eden were the very same tactics used on JESUS. Those tactics have not changed one iota; they are the same that he uses on all humans today. So what we have to do is be watchful and pray that we don’t enter into temptation. When humans are hungry; we are at our most vulnerable; JESUS was hungry for food and the devil knew this; this is why he tempted JESUS with food. The enemy tried to play on HIS vulnerability; HIS weakness from hunger. When we are weak, GOD is strong and HE will provide away of escape when we remember HIS Word and speak it out. JESUS left all HIS deity of authority and the Kingdom of heaven to become as mortal man. The devil tried to play on the fact that JESUS was not accustomed to living as a he chose to live; the devil knew what heaven is like. So the devil wanted to give JESUS what was less than what HE has in heaven in the hopes that this will satisfy HIM. Again, we too may have lost what we once had; be it finances, homes or cars but the devil cannot replace what we lost eternally. When GOD replaces; HE does not just provide us with what we lost; HE doubles all that we lost and it’s far better than what we once had. Not only that but what HE’s preparing for us in heaven is just too awesome for us to describe in human form. Speak the Word of GOD out; because what the enemy has to offer is temporary. The final punch the enemy tried to hit JESUS with was to test GOD. We are not to test the Most High GOD about who HE is. GOD already said that “I AM that I AM;” GOD said that “No weapon formed against us will prosper” so why would you want to test GOD by shooting yourself in the head. You will fail the test not GOD. GOD will protect us from all danger, harm or hurt that is not self inflicted purposefully. Speak the Word of GOD out of your mouth; this is how we overcome the enemy and our temptations. Never allow lust of any form overtake you. http://about.me/amfbministry


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