Test or Tempt, who gave it to me?


All our lives we either test ourselves or are being tested or tempted. As babes we test out our hands by holding our very own bottle, then we test our legs with standing, walking and then we run. In school we are given test, for driving we are given written and road test. For employment again we are tested. Also in our life we are tempted, it usually begins around the time we find our independence when we begin to walk on our very own legs without the help of others.

Human nature never seems to be satisfied with all the wonderful pleasures of all it has, it always seems to want what it has been forbidden to have. In the Garden of Eden our FATHER commanded Adam and Adam told Eve that they could eat freely of every tree of the garden with the exception of the tree of knowledge that has good and evil. So tell me what has changed today? Watch your precious baby once he/she begins to find his/her independence of mobility. Not only that, just take a look around us today. Most if not all is attributed to failing the test of being tempted.

If you desire anything make sure you have prayed and sought godly council. Those that have truly done this have not failed but those who said they have done this and have failed or come back later and say that god changed his mind is a liar. (Well maybe not that’s why I used lower case god to represent their false god) Our GOD does not tempt anyone to do anything, HE does not hang things out there for us and say this could be yours if only. No, our GOD is our FATHER who desires to be our DADDY and HE has made promises to us and we have an inheritance and all we have to do is ask for what belongs to us and go get it. We have the keys to the kingdom, all we have to do is use them.

Understand this our GOD, our FATHER gives us test not tempt.

James 1:13

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