The SON of GOD died

Crucifix-Jesus-hands-Nailed calvary-jesus_feet_nailed  It is a blessed event that JESUS died for this world. Had HE not this world would literally be going to hell. However, that was only the beginning; it was far from the end as so many people then believed and as so many people today believe. 

First, let’s start with the fact that JESUS had turned the heart of a Roman soldier at the point of HIS death. Roman soldiers were very bitter, cruel, hard men of war. I don’t know what part he played in the punishment of JESUS and HIS trial; however, I’m certain he scorned him bitterly as did many. Yet, when the Roman soldier witnessed all that he had witnessed; GOD saw fit that what the Roman soldier said was recorded for eternity; though translated poorly. I will translate it correctly with verification of scripture. According to Mark 15:38:40; the Roman soldier said “this truly (Is The SON of GOD)!” 1 John 3:8 verifies that how I properly translated Mark 15:38-40. JESUS dying on the cross does not negate the fact that HE is the SON of The True and Living GOD for the mere reason of HIS not being mere mortal human as we are. When we transfer from this earthly life; we become a past tense depending on our spiritual stance in CHRIST JESUS. 

Secondly, this is the comfort that those who was with JESUS should have taken had they listened and believed in what HE had said. But not only those of old; we too must believe what HE has said. On the third day; I will rise again; Mark 10:32-34. Well HE did. Don’t be ignorant if your loved ones have transferred from this earthly life and they had a relationship in and with CHRIST JESUS. JESUS CHRIST rose again and so will our loved ones and we too if we have our own personal relationship with JESUS CHRIST. JESUS will always be with us; we are never alone even in sleep. 

JESUS The CHRIST is coming back!

Unbelievers you can shake your head and laugh it off if you want; it’s okay if you desire to stay in denial; you have that choice. However, I suggest you make a different choice; why? Because when JESUS return these will be the people who will see HIS return; every single human who ever lived from those who lived in the old world before the world was destroyed prior to the flood and those who lived after the flood and those who are living during HIS return. Once before believers woke up and walked out of their grave plots, caves, mausoleums and nothing different or new will take place once JESUS return; Matthew 27:52:53. 

There is no better time to get ready for HIS arrival than today; because even if you happen to be the one who falls asleep before HE comes back. You will know that you will be just as those were in times before; you too will come up out of your grave plot and rise up into the air to be with HIM.

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