The Blood and sin

Hebrews 9

No one likes to be labeled ignorant; yet, mankind does things because of ignorance. JESUS said from the cross; “FATHER, forgive them; for they do not know what they do.” Luke 23:34

Today, nothing has changed and nothing will have changed tomorrow; mankind will continue to do what they don’t realize they are doing due to the blindness, deafness and numbness of sin. Sins are committed in ignorance. Those are the lost one but there are those whose hearts have been washed who sin because they want to sin and they know that what they are doing is a sin; that’s rebellion and disobedience. JESUS our High Priest has a far better tabernacle than that of the days of old. The old tabernacle was built with the hands of man; the tabernacle JESUS has was not and HIS tabernacle is perfect. With HIS own blood JESUS entered the Most Holy place once and for all. There was no need for HIM to go back annually because HIS sacrifice is perfect and complete. The blood of JESUS provided an eternal redemption for mankind if you want it. Yes, the blood of JESUS made a purchase for mankind. The blood of animals could not do that for us nor could the blood of another person. In the blood of JESUS there was no sin to be found because he was not begotten from a human blood line. HIS FATHER is not earthly the blood that every human has comes from their father not the mother. The blood of JESUS cleanses us from all unrighteousness now we must live in that knowledge; we must walk in that knowledge. Know that you have been bought with a precious price; the blood of JESUS. Know that because of the blood of JESUS you have been cleansed and that there is no filth on you. You are like Teflon; sin cannot stick to you. JESUS is your counselor; HE mediates for us each and every time the enemy brings a charge against us. Look what April did; she told a lie about not being available; when she really just did not want to go. JESUS our mediator pleads the case and GOD the Judge says not guilty because April has the blood of JESUS everywhere on her person and April eventually will realize that the lie was not necessary. April was afraid of hurting her friend’s feelings. It was the fear that she listened that led her to sin. Our new covenant does not allow us to sin continually; what our new covenant does is give us the grace and mercy to grow in the knowledge of what JESUS has for us. The old covenant is judgmental and will never bend or provide the help that we need to get it right; basically you are on your own. JESUS and the new covenant that HE has given us have made room for the sins that we will continue to do because it takes time to shake that junk off. We have to grow and it’s a process. The longer we live and trust GOD and HIS Word the more we will see that we will sin less and less. We begin to take on the character and integrity of JESUS. You know an earthly testament better known as a will cannot be enforced until the testator is dead. Then all the heirs get to enjoy whatever was left to them; if anything at all. Well, JESUS also left a testament / will and HE died but praise GOD HE is alive and the testament cannot be revoked. Every single promise that JESUS offered belongs to us all who believe. And we don’t have to wait until the sweet by and by [whenever that is] to enjoy what we inherited from HIM. The day; we accepted JESUS as our Savior. That is the moment that you as an inheritor could enjoy the bounty that JESUS has for HIS own. JESUS is alive and HIS testament / will still have power; I don’t think that would apply to you or me. When you and I go to sleep and if we really want to come back and the FATHER sends us back; I don’t think the will that we left behind will be enforced any longer; this may even have to be something that will be decided in the courts. The first covenant was dedicated without blood; none, nada. Moses did however; performed animal sacrifices using water; scarlet wool and hyssop. Moses sprinkled the book and the people saying; “This is the blood of the covenant which GOD has commanded you.” Okay, here is a question; has anyone of you ever wondered how or where Moses got that scarlet wool from? Wool as I know it and I can be wrong is black, grey or white. So that tells me that Moses had the wool dyed red. How many of you know what a hyssop is? A hyssop is a mysterious plant many say that it’s this or it’s that but one thing for sure that is agreed upon. This plant has spikes (maybe thorns) of small blue flowers and its leaves are very aromatic. It is used in Asia as a condiment, in perfume and medicine. Whenever we see the word hyssop it’s used for sprinkling blood. Now take a look at what JESUS said; “This MY blood of the new covenant; which is shed for many.” Mark 14:24 Moses also sprinkled the tabernacle with all its vessels and ministry. According to the law almost all things are cleansed by the blood. With JESUS all things are cleansed by the blood, we just have to hear about it, believe it and receive it. Wouldn’t it be nice if every human heard the Good News believed the Good News and received the Good News? It was necessary for JESUS blood to drain from HIS body because without HIS blood where would remission be? In other words JESUS blood is what pardons us; it’s HIS blood that forgives us; it’s HIS blood that paid the bill in full for our sins. Oh, don’t think I forgot about the water, Moses used water and JESUS side was pierced where water poured out. Simply amazing. JESUS does not do imitation anything; everything HE does is original. HE did not enter into the imitation holy place which was made with hands; JESUS entered into the original place which is heaven itself and HE appears before the presence of GOD for us all who believe. JESUS does not have to repeat being crucified; JESUS no longer has to be put to an open shame. Once was enough and it was perfect. JESUS came and HE put sin away in its proper place. Men are to die once and that is an earthly death; some of us will die and it will be known by those who know you because of notification, a funeral and a burial. Some of us will die and it will not be known to anyone but JESUS and us because we are still seen as living, talking breathing human beings. I died when I was 17 and have been living ever since; when I cross over into my home which is heaven I will really be doing some living. When I accepted JESUS at 17 the judgment pronounced on my life was not guilty. I will never have to face judgment again. For those who are non-believers and are that way when they die; they will be judged and the sentence will be destination hell. CHRIST JESUS has been offered once already as a sheep to the slaughter; anything that could be done was done to HIM. A sinless man full of love and compassion with you on HIS mind suffered and took the torture that we ourselves should take. But HE said no; I will take on every single sin known and unknown to mankind. 2013 years ago HE saw you; HE saw your ancestors and HE saw your descendants. JESUS is coming back and when HE appears again for the final time it will be for salvation alone. Don’t miss your opportunity while it’s here for you now. JESUS (2)

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