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November 11, 2020

Wisdom Lives/Rest – Proverbs 14:33

In various translations of the Bible, the word rest is found in our text scripture. But I will also like to use the word lives for this simple reason in the hopes that this will all be tied together.

To live somewhere we must be settled in our place of residency. To consistently or habitually live a life of ease.

To be at rest we must be free from mental disturbance, exertion, and physical work. To be at rest is to be quiet, undisturbed, peaceful, to be fixed/steadfast, lean on, rely on, remain, supported, and trust.

In order for the children of GOD to be at rest, the Holy Spirit must live within us so that we can operate in the understanding of His wisdom. We are not to be fixed, lean on, rely on, or trust our own understanding because our understanding is based on that which is of the world and changes. Nothing about GOD changes because HE is the same yesterday, today, and every tomorrow.

Wisdom resting in our hearts will give to us peace by keeping us far from mental disturbance and exertion. We have no need to be anxious about anything but in everything we learn to give it over to the FATHER through prayer. What can anyone of us change by being stressed out due to being worried about things that are not in our control or we do not know how to resolve a current situation? Nothing. 

When we operate in the understanding of Wisdom it is our proof that we do have the never leaving ever settled Holy Spirit living within us. Who is consistent in giving to us a life of habitual ease.

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