The importance of fellowshipping

Hebrews 10:24-25

What is it that we get from fellowshipping with one another? The first thing that we should be getting from each other is love. We all have stressful days at work; school or home. When we surround ourselves with our CHRISTian families we are happy to see them; we want to know about their day or week. We love on each other and in our conversation with them; we may find out that they have a need that we can meet or you may have a need that they can meet. Fellowshipping is not a social clique event it’s a time when we can encourage each other with words that with strengthen our brother and sister. Fellowshipping is a time when we provide hugs to someone who may not feel all together lovely because of mental anguish or failing health. Fellowshipping is a time when we can come together the strong and the weak and we stir up the love of JESUS in words and songs as we remind each other who we are in CHRIST JESUS and what GOD has done for us. This is what fellowship is about. Now also let’s take another look into the scripture; we are also encouraged to assemble together in church. Again, I remind us that working, going to school, managing the home and the daily day to day can be stressful. We need to attend church via the weekly Bible study and Worship service. The weekly Bible study is a time when we can be intimate with each other and our Pastor as we walk through the scripture getting a better understanding in how we are to apply the Word of GOD to our lives. We get to ask questions and share different scenarios of how we can apply GOD’s Word to our everyday existence. The Worship experience on Saturday or Sunday (whichever day you have church service) is the day when we come together with one heart and mind with our focus on GOD. Expressing how much we love HIM and need HIM in our lives. We learn how to be enthusiastic with each other and to look out for one another from the pulpit to the over flow or back pew. Fellowshipping is greatly needed; we spend more time around non-believers than we do with believers. We must come together and encourage each other; we must come together and help each other. Stop looking at each other as members of a church and look at each other as siblings. We have the same DAD but different Moms. Scientifically it is known that our blood comes from our father’s not our mothers. So this means that because GOD is our FATHER we all are of the same blood line; we share the same DNA. You are my sister or my brother; not just a member of the faith. Learn to introduce each other as this is my sister or this is my brother. Fellowship; it’s more than you realized.

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