The SON pt 10


Being a mother of a son for over 30+ years. I know full well what it’s like to have a beloved son. I heralded his birth and have been speaking of him ever since. He’s my first born and has my first name, he is a wonderful man and I love him so very much. To me, there is just no other mother that can have a greater son than I have. I speak of him often because I love him so very much. And whom you love, you speak of.

My FATHER proclaimed publically that JESUS is HIS beloved SON. No one else before, during or after has gotten that recognition. Nor will there be ever. JESUS knew who HE was, and who HE is so it was easy for HIM to walk in HIS destiny.

It breaks my heart when I hear parents speak hateful words to their children and expect goodness or greatness from them. It’s not understood that it’s your conversation along with what you show your child that directs him or her. As earthly natural parents, I agree we will make mistakes along the way, our kids will work our nerves. But we must see what destinies emerging and what’s just plain foolishness that must be curtailed. We must allow our children’s imaginations to mature as we encourage them, allow them to try the things that they ask or say that they want to become. If it does not work out, at least, you encouraged them and they will remember that and be thankful. They will find their fit.

JESUS spoke with HIS FATHER and knew exactly what HE had to do, but HE submitted to HIS earthly father and did what HIS earthly father taught HIM to do. JESUS is a carpenter, can you imagine having your home furnished with furniture made by JESUS?

JESUS never rebuked HIS dad Joseph by saying that HE was above carpentry, chores, or whatever HIS dad and mother needed HIM to do. After all, HE was HIS son also. And there was great love from Joseph toward JESUS and I believe as far as Joseph was concerned JESUS was the eldest son and the family business was most likely called Joseph and Son carpentry.

Now I know this blog is all about JESUS the SON. But readers I will like to ask you because I’m certain that kids are apart of your life in some way. If you are a parent, you know that your child is greatly loved, when you look at them you should remember this. And when they work your nerves, remember that they are dear to your heart when you look at them and hear their voices. Step away for a moment so that your anger can get a chance to dial back a few degrees then deal with them in a disciplinary way.

For everyone else understand that every single solitary word that comes out of your face into the hearing of others especially children affects for life. Each and every person starts out being beloved and it’s because of what they heard and saw that made them not so loving in the hearing and sight of others.

So let’s give each other a chance at love, after all, this is who the SON is.

2 Peter 1:17, Mt. 17:5



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