The SON pt.7

addicted to JESUS


Since the LORD, GOD cursed the serpent of old. There has been a great hatred between women and the devil. There will never ever be another woman who will ever bring forth a virgin birth. But we can bring forth greatness. Unfortunately, too many women have listened and will listen to the voice of that cursed serpent and follow through with having an abortion. I have heard too often that when a female has an abortion she thinks about that child, what it could have been (girl or boy), how old it would be by now and so on. It’s a bruise to the head because you are not able to forget and you are filled with regret or sorrow.

But the LORD GOD has always been and will always be with us all. He has never and will never leave nor forsake us. JESUS is also known as IMMANUEL which literally means GOD with us.

You know so many people want to remain in the law, they want to mix and mingle the law with grace. The law mixes with grace just like oil mixes with water, it doesn’t. The law was given to Moses and there were conditions. The law told us what to do but provided no help to do them. Grace and Truth came through CHRIST JESUS and there are no conditions. JESUS not only tells us what to do, HE shows us how to do them. JESUS already fulfilled the law, so when we obey JESUS we too are fulfilling the law.

The children of the Living GOD are so sinning conscience that they don’t recall that JESUS paid the full price to set them free from sin and bondage. We are to serve one another with a full heart of love and kindness.

JESUS CHRIST + the Word = the Living GOD. HE became flesh and lived here on earth with mortal man. HE ate, slept, and went to the bathroom, and bathed just like we do. Mankind actually beheld HIS glory and did not recognize HIM as the MESSIAH. As the One true GOD. While HE was here on earth people devised lies against HIM and they are still devising lies against HIM. Our GOD strikes fear in the unjust so the unjust will try to shake the faith of the weak. But don’t you allow them to. JESUS has never and is not able to sin or lie. There is no deception found in HIM. You know the truth regarding the Savior and your salvation through HIM for HIS Truth is the truth that will set you free from the penalty of sin.

Our KING was born into this world to testify of the truth. A friend of truth will hear and listen, will know and follow HIS voice only.

Now JESUS was born under the law pre-crucifixion but after the crucifixion this is when the New Testament really begins. This is what we really should take great notice of, the post-crucifixion. JESUS gave us such great demonstrations, but we really see them unfold from Acts through the Epistles. I’m getting excited just thinking about them.

Has any of you ever wondered what JESUS is wearing? HE has a designer original made especially for HIM. It’s a one of a kind. HE has on a beautiful robe dipped in Blood and on the tag, HIS name is called the Word of GOD.

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