The unpardonable sin

What I have to share may not be accepted very well. All I can write is that you read the scriptures offered; pray about what you have read in the scriptures. Ask GOD to give you complete understanding and live a victorious life.

The very first scripture I want to share is Mark 3:28 which is written in the NKJV “Assuredly, I say to you, all sins will be forgiven the sons of men and whatever blasphemies they utter;”the next is 1 John 1:7 “But if we walk in the light as HE is in the light; we have fellowship with one another and the blood of JESUS CHRIST HIS SON cleanses us from all sin.”

Now as for me; I don’t see that I am not pardoned of any sin; even the blasphemy against the Spirit of GOD is forgiven. However, because the scripture which references the unpardonable sin is a law and only those who have not believed by faith; repented and confessed JESUS as their SAVIOR. Then Matthew 12:31 is applicable to non believers.  Only a person who fits the description as Matthew 15:19 describes could be found guilty of the unpardonable sin. Believers have the Spirit of the living GOD living within them and this is why it is possible for us to forgive. Take a look at JESUS in Mark 2:7 the scribes could not comprehend why JESUS could proclaim forgiveness because they themselves did not operate with the Spirit that lived inside of JESUS. We cannot forgive in our own power but because the Spirit of GOD lives inside of us it is possible to say just as JESUS said “your sins are forgiven.” Understand that GOD has created man in HIS image which means; because GOD is Spirit so are we. GOD is KING and we are HIS Royal Heirs. GOD is our FATHER and we are HIS children (believers only) so we are gods as well. John 10:33-38 clearly spells out who we are and how JESUS has revealed to us how we are to proclaim our worth in GOD. We belong to GOD and because HE lives inside of us and JESUS lives inside of GOD we live inside of JESUS. We are just one big happy family and we desire to take off the old character that once described us; Colossians 3:8. Who would dare be bold enough to blaspheme against GOD and HIS SPIRIT but satan and his band of fallen angels along with those he has blinded from the truth; Revelations 13:6. So don’t worry be happy because you belong to GOD through JESUS and all your sins have been pardoned.

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