What does it mean to trust in the LORD?

Well, the only simple way I know to explain this is with another question. What are all the things we have believed / trusted without valid proof of it being what we were told to be so and we ran with it as accurate? What do I mean by that? We adopted that which we heard into our philosophy and began to share that information with others; we also claimed that we experienced that very same thing for ourselves. Another belief / trust can be that we allow the pressure to impress others, involve us to go down a dangerous path of addictions. When if we would only use our eyes and see that addictions have more victims than overcomers of those who try alcohol and or drugs for the first time never to return. Or for those who play the game of Russian roulette; meaning they call it recreational use until it’s no longer recreational. Our very beginning is in trust. We don’t know that the man and woman that we call daddy and mother are not until we see a legal document that states otherwise and they inform us that they are not our biological parents; yet, our daddy and mother still the same. That same energy we use to believe what we want to believe or believe by blind faith is the very same energy used to believe and trust in our LORD JESUS. It’s that easy. 

What does it mean for us to do well?

We must begin with small steps as we do with anything else in life because the CHRISTian life is a process. First we are born into the kingdom family then we begin to grow up in the very same manner as babes are in the natural. Babes in the natural are taken care of so are spiritual babes. Natural and spiritual babes are provided milk for a time then given cereal, veggies and meat. Natural children in my day played outside; this was exercise, spiritual children spend their lives exercising in the Word of GOD and encouraging each other through words and deeds as well as attending worship service. In this they learn the importance of obeying the Word and command of GOD through HIS grace and mercy. 

How is it possible for us to live victorious lives and feed on HIS faithfulness?

I guess a better question to ask ourselves is what takes priority in our life? Anything that is more important than placing our CREATOR first and foremost is too important and has become our god. When JESUS is first above everything and everyone our victorious life is set in motion. Each time we read the Word of GOD and apply HIS Word to our life and feel, hear, see, smell and taste the change no matter what the days may bring from day to day. Some days may be stressful some a breeze but I’m here to tell you that your life is being lived in HIS faithfulness not because of anything you are doing but because of all that HE has done. And whether others want to admit it or not, they notice the difference in us and they want we have because we are being genuine and not religious. 

This is why it is all so important that we do not intellectualize the Word of GOD because HE will mess up our self-made wisdom each and every time. The Word of GOD is a book for the spirit man especially the New Testament. This is why those who do not have the spirit of JESUS living on the inside of them gravitate so much to the Old Testament and the Ten Commandments. Intellectual people love to debate the bible and what they debate is always legalistic but the spirit man has no reason to debate the Word of GOD.

Ps. 37:3 & Pr. 3:5

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