CHRIST Brings Us HIS Spiritual Blessings

Redemption In CHRIST

Ephesians 1:3-6

Oh, how awesome the book or better yet the letter written to the Ephesians begins after that great salutation. Most of us when we read “blessed be The GOD and FATHER or and our LORD JESUS/JESUS CHRIST/CHRIST/CHRIST JESUS” however it may be written we too often just skim by that. What if we stopped and took our time and soaked in just what is meant by this? Today is our day for doing just that.

When reading “Blessed be The GOD and FATHER of our LORD JESUS CHRIST”, we must reflect that our FATHER is The GOD of all comfort, HE comforts us all so that when others need to be comforted, we may apply the same comfort that we received from our DADDY to those who also are in need. Our FATHER is also the GOD of mercies which are gloriously new each morning whether we know HIM or not and HIS mercies are partnered with HIS grace which also is new every morning and given to those who believe in HIS SON or not.

JESUS has hand-delivered every spiritual blessing from heaven to us. Come on now, see this and get it!

We are hand-picked, we are HIS chosen, and we are all called according to HIS purpose. We were in HIS heart and mind, HE intimately knows us, and all of this was done eons before the foundation of the world was spoken forward.

We must see ourselves as HIS elect, the foreknowledge of our FATHER that we are sanctified in Holy Spirit to be obedient and that we are daily washed in the precious blood of JESUS. We should be. I stopped here because I do not believe that most of us understand how the word “should” is used. Should either mean past-tense or present-tense, when we read the verse of scripture in this letter “should” denotes present-tense we have a [duty, an obligation] this is what is meant by should and the word “be”, present-tense or future-tense is the wording. So, in essence, we are to be now and in the future holy, innocent, to live righteously not having blame or shame all the days of our lives. And we are so because we understand HIS great love for us, and we too love HIM.

Did you know that satan’s tempting Eve and Adam’s fall was not a surprise to our FATHER? It is impossible to surprise The GOD who knows all before anything occurs. And by this knowledge, we must know that our FATHER had already had a plan in place to rescue us from the dragon and from death and hell.

We were known intimately by our FATHER beforehand remember that. It is our FATHER’s kindness that HE had already decided that CHRIST would choose us to be our FATHER’s very own children through adoption.

Any person who is adopted reading this blog should know that you were lovingly chosen by your parents and that you are entitled just as if you carried their very essence, their DNA, the blood of your father/daddy. Stop being mad or hurt if you are about being adopted or believing that you were abandoned. You were born for this particular family that you have today.

When JESUS chose us, this plays a part in our believing in HIM and answering HIS call, [this is my private belief, you do not have to side with me in this]. However, when we hear JESUS as The Good Shepherd calling for us and we turn, and answer then choose to believe the testimony of JESUS. We will openly confess that HE Is all that HE Is. In that instant when we invite JESUS into our hearts we will come out of darkness and into HIS marvelous light, we will be washed clean from the stench of sin, we will be given new life in HIM, and become the children of The Most-High GOD.

Our willingness to come to The FATHER through HIS SON JESUS gives HIM much pleasure. Our FATHER’s wisdom is too powerful for us to grasp in the limited time that we live here on earth. But to know or to learn that through HIS wisdom the world does not know HIM and that the message comes across as rather foolish to those who cannot listen and comprehend. But we who listened and comprehended were saved because we believed.

We are justified freely only by or through HIS grace which is the redemption of JESUS The CHRIST.

What has been given to us is the favor that comes from our FATHER. With this we are accepted, without this, we are not accepted. And, just as our FATHER spoke regarding JESUS that HE Is HIS Beloved, so does HE speak regarding us, we too are HIS beloved because JESUS, HIMself is The Beloved.


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