Walking with GOD

Job 23:11-12; Psalm 1:1-3

Walking with GOD brings relationship; which consist of talking with HIM not to HIM. Allowing us to reveal ourselves to HIM without fear of condemnation and feeding on HIS Word. In turn what we receive from HIM is a stronger sense of faith towards GOD, our knowledge is broaden; our love for JESUS becomes deeper; our heart becomes sensitive to people of faith and those who are not in the faith. We begin to understand that the negative experiences in our lives are orchestrated by our enemy. People and circumstances are not the enemy also our very own choice when orchestrated by the devil is followed through by us without seeking GOD to help in our decision. Quality time spent with GOD brings about CHRIST like qualities. Eventually others will begin to notice the transformation from self to JESUS in our character through our speech and how we react to what life brings our way. The law of reproduction is inevitable; those we spend our greatest time with; is shown in our character. GODliness comes from relationship with GOD.

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