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James 5

We all have heard about being patient; however, maybe the reasons there are so many in the body of CHRIST who are not patient are because patience is not taught. We are taught informally how to be inpatient. Patience is a virtue that must not be talked about but taught and exhibited in order to be learned. I’m always hearing my brothers and sisters in the body of CHRIST saying that so and so has the patience of Job or they may give some fly by night prayer about being patient. If you are baptized in the Holy Spirit then patience is within you. To be patient we must bear what is annoying to us from another; after all, you are not perfect either. And you too are annoying to another. We all experience some type of misfortune in life. So apply patience. We all experience a delay that is beyond our personal control. Apply patience. To apply patience is a hardship to our flesh; it causes us great pain when we are concerned about our desires rather than what we can learn from this experience. Speak to our DAD about your life today. If we were to take the time to speak to our DAD or think about the Word; we would not give into anger and complaining. We must endure with fortitude and remain calm. Laugh at the situation because it’s not worth your flesh winning this fight. At all times think about exhibiting GOD’s Holy Grace to a situation. One of the best places to practice this is the grocery store; that’s where I started. Perform a heart check every now and again. What is the first thought that your heart brings up when you are in a tight situation? Our hearts must be transformed to know that without question the things of this world are small and really not worth losing our patience over. We are to have a firm foundation based on who our DAD is and who you are in JESUS CHRIST. After all the coming of our LORD is nearer every second of the day. Prove who you are in CHRIST JESUS in your private and public life. We are the children of the Most High GOD and we are built from the very best. We are able to endure the gnats (situations) of this world. We can hold out in the rough times because we know our outcome. We can resist and tolerate the foolishness of this world. Never forget that you too was once apart of the foolishness of this world. We are to exhibit the JESUS within us so the Holy Spirit will cause others to come and ask us how is it that we are able to sustain the hardships that everyone else freak out about. And without being religious we share our faith in CHRIST JESUS; share your faith; let others know where you once was and that JESUS came and got you out of your sin. Let others know that you still mess up from time to time; willingly and unwillingly. Share your shortcomings; be real with yourself first then others. Our hearts are to always be burning hot for righteousness in GOD’s Word. We are not to look like the world because we have a glow that should never dull. That inner glow from the LORD causes us to look SuperFantastic with and without make-up. The Holy Spirit cause us to have an intense desire to share JESUS with others be it through our character or integrity. People need to see JESUS living within us; too many of us speak about the things of GOD and our actions nullify everything that we say. We have bumper stickers on our cars and exhibit road rage. We buy t-shirts and act as though we don’t remember who we are witnessing about on our clothes because we exhibit a behavior that does not line up with what we wear. Too many of us have a religious spirit and no relationship with the FATHER and with JESUS. We turn up and turn down the control of our religiosity at will; however, the Holy Spirit provides an intense desire for us to always live and speak in the will of GOD. I’m not saying that we won’t slip and fall sometime; yet, I prefer to slip and fall from time to time than to live in a perpetual desire to sin or to do my own thing just because. I want to live in a desire to please my DADDY and JESUS. I desire that we all be patient in all things and establish our hearts in the knowledge of JESUS coming back not in the future but that it can be in the next second. Stop complaining about our brothers and sisters in CHRIST JESUS and pray that GOD shows you why you are so irritated with someone and what is it in you that must be removed to stop you from your complaining. GOD’s favor is upon our lives as we endure this life here in this world; we were not saved to enjoy life in heaven only. We can enjoy life here in this world abundantly without all the trappings that this world has to offer. Know that our DADDY is completely compassionate and merciful; HE’s not looking at our shortcomings; HE’s looking at the precious blood of JESUS within us and on us. When a person ask you a question that requires a yes or no answer; then answer yes or no and leave it at that. I’ve never heard a person ask for an explanation when we answer yes. Say no; and someone wants to know why and in most cases this gets us in trouble because then we have to answer in a manner that will not offend or lie. Even if the explanation is exaggerated; it’s a lie. Unfortunately, sickness still plagues many in the body of CHRIST; however, we have Elders of the church who are anointed to pray over the sick. True Elders who have a relationship with the FATHER and do not have a religious spirit will pray and anoint the patient and the patient will recover because it’s all done in the name of the LORD. If there is no recovery; after an Elder anointed and prayed and GOD did not raise that sick person up; then the Elder needs to be examined. Faith is a necessity to get GOD’s attention in all things. GOD’s Word tells us what to do and this is what we base truth on. If a mere mortal man can pray that it does not rain and GOD saw to it that it did not rain for over three years; how much more can we do? Elijah prayed again and it began to rain and the earth produced an abundance of wealth in the form of crops. Elijah had a relationship with the FATHER; his heart burned intensely. Go read the story in 1 Kings 17 and 18. Also, let’s stop sitting back witnessing the sin that our brothers and sisters are in and speak to him or her. Not in a judgment or legalistic manner; but lovingly and with sincerity. We prefer to talk about them negatively; how does that help them? Love in all that we say and do.

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