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October 19, 2020

Wisdom-Filled: Exodus 31:3

Filled with the Spirit of GOD, in Wisdom, in understanding, and in knowledge.

The children of GOD are endowed with the Spirit of GOD and it is in HIS Spirit that we have the ability in whatever kinds of knowledge to perform all types of work. The Spirit of GOD causes us to be intelligent, knowledgeable, skilled, understanding, and wise. We have no excuse as to why we do not step out in faith to do those things that we will like to do. We can have these same skill sets just for one particular area and excel just in that. However, if we have a desire to work in various areas there is nothing that we cannot do when we rely on GOD’s Spirit to equip us for that task. 

Also, those things that we never had a desire to accomplish can be given to us if GOD requires you to do that which HE has placed into your heart, causing the heart to be stirred, giving us a passion and purpose. I never thought about being in ministry let alone a public speaker. When GOD spoke to my heart about being HIS Evangelist, I had no clue as to what HE meant because I had never heard of the word evangelist. After HE completed speaking with me, I can recall going into our guest washroom, looking into the mirror, and crying uncontrollably trying to figure out how I would be able to speak with an audience larger than three souls at a time. I had never spoken to more than three people at a time with the exception of classroom participation and I never volunteered to answer questions, I was chosen. 

Now, I have no problem speaking before a large audience not because I attended public speaking school and excelled but rather because the Spirit of GOD equipped me to speak not only to a small audience but a large one as well. I have and know my purpose, my heart is stirred to accomplish daily whatever GOD desires of me to either do or say. I still do not like speaking with large audiences but I know that I can accomplish the task because GOD’s Spirit is speaking through me, it is not about me but about my love for people to encourage them to come to CHRIST JESUS that propels me to be energized yet another day in the hope that I can reach someone, anyone. 

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