Because Of Your Behavior

Psalm 2:12

We should no longer fool ourselves into believing that JESUS is only capable of being forgiving, gentle, kind, and all the other wonderful attributes of being loving. Because although HE is all those things and more the time will come, a time that HE is not looking forward to and cannot turn away from when HIS anger will be kindled, and the igniting of that fierce fire will consume everyone who is rebellious against HIM.

It is because of the behavior of those who rebel against JESUS that HE must do the will of the FATHER. And in the blink of an eye if not faster, the anger of JESUS is ignited quickly. The tiniest spark of fire that comes from the wrath of GOD is enough to make rebels/proud sinners miserable as it takes hold of their conscience. But it will be too late then.

The anger of JESUS will burn down into the depths of hell. And now being armed with this information everyone who will read these blogs on the verse of scripture that has been covered now for weeks should want to begin to follow JESUS. But I know that this too will be ignored by rebels.

In various scriptures throughout the Bible, the word “woe” is used. This is a word most of us skim over or at the very least may use the definition of halt/stop which we learned from watching the shoot-em-ups/westerns. But in actuality, the word woe is affliction/a heavy calamity, curse, distress, grief, misery, regret, sorrow, suffering.

So, I write to you to those who after reading what I found to be difficult for me because I prefer to Encourage. I prefer to Inform about the Grace of The Savior. And I prefer to Inspire. You may take all the information provided and choose to ignore what has been read. That is the choice of your GOD given free will. But when the time comes you will remember that people have spoken to you, you will remember that you have read about JESUS and the possibility you have read books and blogs not only on the Saving Grace of JESUS but on HIS wrath as well. And yet you have chosen to not believe.

It is to you that I write this old never correctly used word “Woe” to you because you despise JESUS through your unbelief. Woe to you because you refuse to Kiss the SON. Woe to you because you do not reverence JESUS. Woe to you because you refuse to pay homage to JESUS. Woe to you!

But to you, to us who believe. The ones who by faith depend, lean, need, rely on, and trust in JESUS. We are the ones who are truly happy. We know that we have escaped GOD’s fierce wrath. We know that we have been snatched from the mouth of death that curse that is worse than what takes place to the flesh that causes people who are left behind to mourn. We know that we have escaped the eternal punishment that was designed not for humans but, for satan and his cohorts. But because of mankind’s rebellion against JESUS, they too will be partakers in that everlasting punishment. While those of us who by faith believe in JESUS The CHRIST/MESSIAH will eternally which is everlasting be with the FATHER, JESUS, and the Holy Spirit.

We know that we are blessed because, on that day when GOD’s wrath is kindled and ignited, we will be safe in the refuge of CHRIST JESUS so no harm will come near us. But there is no hiding place for the rebellious. Because of the behavior of those who refuse JESUS their hearts will fail them with unimaginable fear/dread. While those of us who live in the safety of JESUS are delighted with HIS unmeasurable joy.

And, finally, on this great terrible day, everyone, of you who rebel against JESUS will say but it will be too late for you these words. “Now we see that blessed are all those, and those only, that trust in CHRIST JESUS.”

My dear siblings in CHRIST JESUS, keep singing and keep praying. Our hearts are filled with the holy awe of GOD. Our confidence is in CHRIST JESUS. Continue to meditate on JESUS and encourage one another for we are the circumcision that rejoices in CHRIST JESUS!

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