We too are living stones

1 Peter 2

We come to JESUS the living stone; that is rejected; yet, chosen by the LORD GOD Most High as precious. We too are living stones who are being built up as a spiritual house. We are a holy priesthood to offer spiritual sacrifices that are acceptable to GOD through JESUS CHRIST. We must lay aside; get rid of all hatred towards people; especially our siblings in the faith. We must lay aside deceit, hypocrisy, evil and dirty speaking as well as envy of others. One thing I notice regardless of where I am is envy among brothers and sisters; primarily among the sisters of the faith. My question for years has been; why? It does not make sense to me; we who proclaim to love JESUS; yet, we have yet to lay our eyes on HIM are hypocrites. Envy and love do not fit together; we are to encourage each other in the faith; push each other forward; work together. Not speak evil or nasty about our brothers and sisters. Not say one thing and mean another or do another. Not smile, hug and kiss your siblings when you know that you are not fond of them. That’s being deceitful and there is no love in you. I believe that Christians who live this way are still babies and they are still on the milk of the Word of GOD; they are immature and still require diapers. We’ve all tasted the graciousness of GOD but we think that brother so and so should not have this or do that and it goes the same and worse for the sisters who compete with one another. GOD does not call us living pebbles; HE calls us living stones used to build a spiritual house. You can’t build a house with pebbles; you use large and heavy stones. JESUS is our Chief cornerstone; JESUS is our elect precious stone. We are the ones who proclaim to believe in HIM but we don’t realize that in HIM we have no shame and we will not be put to shame. However, we put ourselves to shame by our hypocrisy. Dear brothers and sisters you have been chosen to be apart of something special; something spectacular; something that not everyone will be apart of; yet, everyone has the opportunity to be apart of our anointed family. We are a royal priesthood; we are a holy nation; we are GOD’s special people. We are to proclaim and praise JESUS everywhere we go. JESUS took us out of darkness and placed us into HIS marvelous light. Know and remember that there was a time when none of us belonged to GOD; none of us went searching for GOD. Yet, all of us in the body of CHRIST have obtained mercy and we too have to be merciful to people especially our spiritual siblings. Encourage don’t judge our siblings to abstain from the lust of the flesh that war against them so aggressively. Think outside the box; the lust of the flesh does not belong to sex 100%; there are some who lust after food; clothes and shoes; shopping; work and so many other lustful things that take them away from GOD. Our conduct must always be honorable towards our spiritual siblings and those that don’t have a relationship with JESUS. We are going to be lied on and talked about in bad ways; however, our conduct will speak for itself; people will see just how we behave. Stop; immediately speaking against authority; obey the law of the land. You don’t have to like it; but you must be obedient. Discontinue speaking against the President, King or Queen of your country. The same goes for Governors, Mayors and Secretaries of State. They are in authority because GOD has anointed them for this position and by praying for them and respecting them in their position; we are doing the will of GOD. Honor all people; after all CHRIST died for all people not just you. CHRIST suffered for all people not just you and HE left us an example that we must follow. JESUS did not commit sin; we did; however, JESUS washed away our sin. JESUS was never a sinner and we are no longer sinners. JESUS never spoke a bad word against anyone; we did; however, JESUS has given us a new language to speak. We are to speak life which is HIS Word; speak love and encouragement. JESUS was abused by what the people said to HIM; however, HE never abused them with HIS words. Ignore what people say to you. Don’t allow abusive speech towards you make you sweat. JESUS put on All the sins of mankind not just some or a few but all of them. Remember, that at all times. When people come against you; remember that JESUS died for that person. JESUS also put on Every sickness, disease and ailment known and unknown to mankind. We are healed; see JESUS with that ailment; see JESUS with that disease; see JESUS with that sickness when HE was on the cross. Say to yourself; as JESUS is in heaven; so am I in the earth. JESUS is well; strong; an overcomer and so are you. So be a dear little lamb and follow the Good Shepherd and allow JESUS to oversee your life in every way. http://about.me/amfbministry

live in JESUS

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