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Romans 4

Where is your trust; who do you trust? Is your trust within yourself effort; is it that you trust yourself? Many of us in the body of CHRIST make the same mistakes over and over again expecting different results and that’s insane or so I’m told. We pray to GOD about a particular thing and then we through self effort try to work through or work out the solution. That’s not placing trust in GOD. Unless the god that is being prayed to be self. Abraham put all his trust in GOD and it was credited to him righteous. All we need to do is just believe; keep our efforts off; trust in GOD when we speak with HIM, wait for HIM to answer orally or find HIS answer in HIS Word. Once the answer comes just believe; trust in HIM. Build up credit in righteousness. King David pronounced on us whom GOD credits with righteousness apart from legalistic observance. “Blessed are those who’s transgressions are forgiven; who’s sins are covered over (because David lived before the LORD JESUS was born to Mary; sins were covered. Now sins are washed away; removed from us by the Blood of the Lamb who is JESUS the CHRIST; Psalm 103:12, 1 Peter 1:18-20, Acts 22:16). Blessed is the man whose sin the LORD GOD will not reckon against his account” (Rom.4:7-8). We must trust as Abraham trusted in GOD so that righteousness will be accounted to us also. Check this out; we have read that Jews were and are a stickler about circumcision; every male must be circumcised and must be circumcised eight days after birth. They believe that this makes them closer to GOD and in part they are correct; but only in part. Take a close look at this; Abraham was considered righteous by the LORD GOD before he was circumcised! *Fact is Abraham was already sealed in righteousness; now remember this because I will later show you a revelation that will tie this together for some of you*. Abraham was circumcised as an outward sign of the seal of righteousness that he already had based on the ground of trust in GOD. He was not circumcised so that he could be the father of all who are not outwardly circumcised; yet trust in the LORD GOD completely so they have righteousness credited to them. He was also circumcised so that those who have the outward sign and walks accordingly as Abraham does or did in true faith; he will be their father also. The promise given to Abraham and his seed not seeds; is that he would inherit the world not through legalism but through righteousness that trust produces. Think about this; if legalism produced heirs than trust in GOD would be pointless and worthless. The law brings about punishment but where there is no law there is liberty. Why was or is the promise based on trusting in GOD? The promise is GOD’s free gift to us; a promise that we can rely totally on. Often we see the word “seed” used but whom exactly is the seed? Many believe that the seed is Isaac but that’s not correct. In order to find out who the seed is we must search out the genealogy; yes, that part of the bible most people find incredibly boring or worthless. (Please read Luke 3:23-38 you are not going to find what you need to see in the genealogy located in the book of Matthew). The LORD GOD appointed Abraham to be the father of many nations or as I like to say every nation because in every nation there is at least one person who trust in GOD and his faith is credited to him as righteous. Abraham is the father of faith in the Highest GOD and he got to see the LORD JESUS as well as spoke to HIM. JESUS is the beginning HIS beginning did not begin when HE was born to Mary. If Abraham focused on his circumstance which was that his body was probably going through a shortage of testosterones because the blood was not flowing in every area to function in certain organs that would bring him joy. And in his wife the chance of fruit bearing was a done deal for her; it was just over and now that she had gone through menopause she may no longer be interested in dancing the marriage dance with Abraham. If he had focused on those things I don’t know where we would be now. But bless GOD; Abraham did not focus on those shortcomings and he believed as did his wife and they had the time of their lives enjoying the dance. And because of his faithful act there are billions of us faithful children. We can’t allow fear to come in; we can’t allow our faith or trust to waiver for even just a tiny bit. We can’t afford to be in lack when it comes to our trust in GOD. As we trust in what GOD can do and HE can do all things but lie; GOD will  give us power and in that power we will find it effortless to glorify the Living GOD. We must be completely convinced just as we are completely convinced that our name is our name; our child is our child and our parent is our parent. The LORD GOD is able to do just what HE said HE will do; this is HIS promise to us and HE alone without our help (unless HE provides specific instructions of what we are to do) will accomplish what HE is to do. What does your account in heaven look like is it –righteousness or +righteousness? Nothing Abraham experienced through faith was for himself alone it is also for us today. Have you trusted in GOD that it was HE that raised the LORD JESUS from the dead? This is the first step for the none believer; he/she must believe that the LORD GOD raised JESUS the CHRIST up on the third day and that HE walked out of the tomb. That borrowed tomb is empty. The second act of trust is that you believe that JESUS is the SON of the Highest GOD. Lastly acknowledge that you are a sinner and that who you are you desire to be better and that you can’t do it alone but you need the help of JESUS. Doing these things in your heart and saying them with your mouth (soft-medium or loud the choice is yours) is an oral and open confession. (Take a read of John 1 ; John 3:16 and Romans 10:9). JESUS who was and is sinless was delivered over to die because of the offenses of the world but bless GOD that it did not end there. The LORD GOD raised JESUS the CHRIST up so that we could receive HIS free gift.

*I wrote that I would show you a revelation; this is so awesome. In Romans 2:29 the scripture reads: “the real Jew is one inwardly; true circumcision is of the heart; spiritual not literal; so that his praise comes not from other people but from GOD.


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