True life is in the Spirit


We are totally free from indwelling sin when we have the Holy Spirit living within us. It is not possible for the Holy Spirit to live in a temple of sin. And it is GOD’s precious Holy Spirit that makes us HIS son’s. One of my favorite words is “now”. Now is the present time not the past or the future. One of our problems as believers is that we look for what will happen in the sweet by and by which is our way of believing that all that we know of GOD’s will through reading the scriptures may happen for us in the future once we get to heaven. No, we are learning about the nature of GOD now through CHRIST JESUS. When we came to CHRIST JESUS and invited HIM into our heart it was in that now that all sin was executed and thrown out of our life. And though we have a measure of the Holy Spirit living within us there is a greater portion of the Spirit of GOD when we invite the Holy Spirit to come and live within us and this is called the baptism of the Holy Spirit. When we are baptized in the Holy Spirit of GOD, we are totally filled with Him and have that fire and power through GOD’s most wonderful strength through HIS anointed SON, CHRIST JESUS. We need to stop dwelling on our past because that person has died along with all the guilt that we had to deal with. We are no longer guilty of our past because in our now there is no sin and because there is no sin in our now than we are no longer condemned by the actions of sin. We can no longer be judged by our one-time unbelief in CHRIST JESUS or the actions which were the fruit and consequences of sin. GOD has already judged us to be righteous in HIM through CHRIST JESUS. So, it is very possible for us to make the choice to not walk according to the lust of our flesh. We don’t have to cuss someone out for doing anything that we consider a big negative deal. We don’t have to have those negative thoughts against someone at work, in our home, community or church. We can choose to live in the will of GOD. And, we may need to concentrate on one area of our life for that thing that we are aware of that goes against the will of GOD. Or, we can just surrender our entire being to the FATHER in CHRIST JESUS and rest on the fact of knowing that HE got us. Stop trying to be the best CHRISTian and just be from day to day from now to now. Find out about the grace of GOD and rest in that.

We are to walk in the Spirit rather than our flesh, we use to walk according to the will of our flesh and allowed our emotions to dictate to us. Now, we are to walk in the Holy Spirit who will guide, lead, teach and train our emotions so that our flesh will follow accordingly. Allowing the Holy Spirit to lead and teach us causes us to discontinue walking according to the will of our flesh. Come to know who the Holy Spirit is and what His position is and we will live our natural life supernaturally which causes us to be directed by the Holy Spirit and the fulfillment of GOD through CHRIST JESUS. The flesh is sinful and corrupt this is why we must be led and taught by the Holy Spirit. Know that our flesh is not saved but our soul is but without the Holy Spirit living on the inside of us we will continue to live by the will of our emotions which leads our flesh. Now, we will be living according to the teaching of the Holy Ghost who can only speak of CHRIST JESUS who is the author and finisher of our faith. We used to give in to our own desires now we give in to the desires of CHRIST JESUS by the comfort of HIS Spirit.    

Romans 8:1, Gal. 5:16


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