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September 7, 2020

Sealed with the Holy Spirit-Ephesians 1:13

Have anyone who have read this verse of scripture put into thought what is meant to be sealed? I am certain we all have seen seals but never considered why a seal has to be used in the first place. Let us take a look at the most common seal that we in America look at constantly. A stamp is a seal for its authenticity to go from one location to another. Without that seal/stamp our post will return to us and the Post Office will have stamped the post informing us that a seal/stamp is required. Even our publications on our computers and telephones have a seal which is called the IP Address. Another seal that we take for granted are those little gold foil seals which are placed on documents informing everyone who sees that document that whatever was required to obtain that seal of approval has been met. We also must obtain a seal from a Notary stating that whatever document or letter that we show in evidence is certified true. Then their is the most important seal that all of us have in the natural and that is the sir name that we bear. Our sir name informs people which clan/tribe that we are from. If we were to trace our sir name we will find where it possibly originated from and should we go to that country of authenticity we just may find our distant relatives living there. [for Americans whose ancestors were stolen from distant lands, do not get caught up with what possibly could have been your original ancestral name. If you traced your ancestral linage you will find just where your ancestors came from and if you choose to, you may change your current sir name to that of your ancestors].

Let me bottom line this for you, seals are very important it is the inscription placed on something or someone as the evidence of authenticity.

The first known seal which is called the mark of Cain was placed on him by GOD to keep people from killing him. That was GOD in action presenting to Cain, grace and mercy.

A final mark will be the mark of the beast, this mark/seal will be taken by everyone who is not on the side of JESUS.

Now, our mark/seal is the Holy Spirit. He is our inscribed evidence which is stamped in our heart, that special mark which states that we are authentic in the Kingdom of heaven. That we belong to our FATHER GOD and we belong to JESUS the CHRIST. It is imperative that the FATHER sees the seal of HIS SON’s precious blood as well as seeing the Holy Spirit which will never come within us without the washing of the blood and requesting that He takes up residence within our hearts. Salvation comes from the blood and the Holy Spirit. Without the Holy Spirit we would never come to His calling voice. But being baptized in the Holy Spirit is when we will receive the empowerment to live according the the Word of GOD.

The Almighty GOD is the ONE who establishes us through our LORD and Savior the CHRIST/MESSIAH becoming established and joined in true relationship confirming us in JESUS. We become anointed with the gifts of the Holy Spirit who empowers us to do everything that the Word of GOD informs us that we can do. We are not lacking or missing anything to accomplish all that we desire to do in CHRIST JESUS, problem is we are praying for GOD to do something when HE has said that we can do that which we are begging HIM to do. Before praying, why not research the scriptures to find out if what we want to pray for is in the hands of GOD or in the hands of us.

We should have HIS Seal which is the Holy Spirit, and in having HIS Seal we have been properly certified as HIS by HIS giving to us HIS Holy Spirit to live within our hearts as the downpayment for the fulfilling of HIS promise to us which is eternal life.


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